Best way to get visitors to blog?

by Nattie
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Hi all!

I am trying to put a blog together in my chosen niche, but not sure which blog host is the best to use and how to attract visitors to my blog and ultimately buy my ebook.

Thoughts anyone?

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    Originally Posted by Nattie View Post

    Hi all!

    I am trying to put a blog together in my chosen niche, but not sure which blog host is the best to use and how to attract visitors to my blog and ultimately buy my ebook.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Forum Marketing, I am using it right now with good success. Here is a post I have written last week about it and how to use it properly -

    I personally am using and I think most of the marketers are using it. It is the most popular blog host and you can find everything about it, plugins. themes, professional selling tools and etc.

    Selling your eBook shouldn't to be your focus! Delivering value to people should be! Then the sales will flow.
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      If you're looking to go with the generic but excellent hosting -- go with bluehost or Hostgator.

      For specific blog hosting that may provide some extra protection -- lightningBase or wpengine. You'll have to pay more though.

      So many answers to your second question -- so I'll give you one. Republish your blog articles on Ezine Articles after those articles have been indexed on your site. If your article is picked up by a publisher in your niche (check by doing a Google search) -- contact him/her and offer to send more of your articles.
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        There are many other best social media marketing site other than Facebook:

        1) Twitter
        2) StumbleUpon
        3) Digg
        4) Reddit
        5) Delicious
        6) Google +

        Are the other major social media sites where you can get target for traffic and make their website good reputation.
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    Just search"Blogging with John Chow" and you will know how to do it, go ahead.
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  • A blog is an important asset to any business. Few ways to get visitors on your blog are the following:
    Comment on other blogs.
    Make your blog title interesting and engaging
    Promote your blog's URL.
    Make your content easy to read.
    Don't ignore SEO.
    Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant - Daily Internet Marketing in a budget!
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    to get visitors on your blog I recomend:

    Online Profits Way An Income Streams. FINALLY! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED TO PROFIT ONLINE...
    Regards, Alexander
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      Since you are just starting out, a basic hosting package provided by popular companies such as Hostgator or BlueHost will be sufficient.

      As for traffic, make sure all the basic on-site SEO elements are in place before you publish anything on the website. This will ensure that, 3 to 6 months down the road, your blog will start receiving traffic from search engines, which normally are the best converting traffic for many websites.

      There are many ways you can go about promoting the content on your blog but ultimately, you need to have content that are highly useful and valuable to the audience that you are trying to target. Participating in forums, social networks and blog communities will get your blog some exposure. Do track the results (traffic and conversions) of anything you do using Google Analytics so that you know where to spend more of your time.

      Once you have a good set of blog posts that you know are unique and packed with value, you can try reaching out to industry influencers. If most of them are willing to share the blog posts with their followers or on their blog, then you know that you are doing a great job with the content. If they are not, then you should consider putting more time into your blog content before focusing on any marketing tactics.
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        Aside from GoDaddy which I have heard has a few problems with Wordpress, most any hosting company can help you with a wp blog setup. If you are looking for a regular blog then wordpress is definitely the way to go. if you are a very technical sort of person, there are many other blogging platforms which are good but not as easy to use.

        I am assuming you are going to have a real blog, not one of those autoblogging setups, and if that is the case, the best set of tutorials for creating a blog that makes you look like you know what you are doing is through copyblogger dot com.

        They are not big on speed, but there material is solid, and well written. Just sign up for their internet marketing for smart people series and you should be abel to get most of your questions answered.

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  • Monetization. I can't say it enough focus on content not ads. And spend some time each day attracting new readers, too. It's just as important to be,..

    Do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    For blogging, use WordPress. It's the single most popular way of publishing blogs and it's free. Takes a little bit of learning but it's a major time-saver. Plus, because it's so popular you can also find help on the net or forums like WF.

    I like your plan: start blogging, get traffic, sell an ebook. It's simple but you've got all the essential elements covered. A lot of people start out missing either a strategy for content creation, getting visitor or how to monetize the traffic.

    You need all three in place to succeed, as you're doing. Good luck with the blog.
    New to WordPress? Save time with my beginner's guide:
    WordPress Step-by-Step
    (for Kindle & Kindle Apps)

    I'm a top-notch WordPress developer: hire me
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    I would definitely also go with wordpress

    To get visitors you should use some of the following methods:

    - PPC (like google adwords, but there are lots of other PPC services) - paid traffic
    - Video Marketing (especially YouTube)
    - Yahoo! Answers
    - do SEO
    - submit articles about your topic
    - Squidoo and Hubpages
    - Blog commenting
    - Forum posting
    - Craigslist
    - email marketing
    - Ad Swaps / Solo Ads - paid traffic
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    For making traffic for your blog, you can pay attention to your value of your post and make full use of marketing. You need find where your targeted customers are active. And then you can attract them to your blog.
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    Guest Posting: I think this is one of the best ways to start getting some quick traffic
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    There is no best way to attract visitors, there are good ways and you need to use several of them in order to reach the effect.
    Here are some of them:
    - social media
    - guest posting
    - valuable unique content
    - careful keyword research
    - engaging your readers.
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  • I think Forums marketing is the best.
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      Originally Posted by Super Money Maker View Post

      I think Forums marketing is the best.
      A question about forum marketing. I found that in almost every forum link posting is not allowed; how can you send traffic to your blog posts if you can't leave a url with anchor text?m:confused:
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    You need to get in front of your target market and show you know your stuff. I still get traffic from older articles, I get tons of traffic from guest blogging as well.
    Something you can do, is ask related, but not competitive, sites how they get their traffic as you're starting a new blog and truly feel you can provide value to the niche.
    Also I link out to mid sized blogs (PR 3 and Alexa under 1,000,000) as they're going to notice that little link and maybe return the favor - works for me.
    Offer to do interviews, respond to comments on other blogs respectfully if you have insight.
    That should help you get moving. As for the host I was told, although never looked into it, that Wordpress is very non-commercial
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    I've gotta agree with forums and blog commenting on relevant blogs. They provide relevant hits. And please make sure the content on your blog is of a certain quality. I never buy products from websites if the writing quality is sub-par.
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    Operating several high traffic blogs, and having information product businesses hanging off of those blogs, my advice is...

    1. Host your own blogs, do not rely on hosted blogs such as Google or (Wordpress platform from installed on your own domain is fine)

    2. Know your market - you want to know exactly who your market is, what desires and frustrations they have and share information, stories and opinions with them on a regular basis.

    3. Invite participation through a combination of questions, controversy/opinions, asking for it and contests/recognizing your commentors

    4. Share your blog content with social networks to expand your platform and content reach

    5. Have a compelling "off-ramp" from your blog to a free offer that channels your readers into your sales funnel. This is what ties your blog to your ebook or product sales

    Hope this helps,

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    Take Advantage of Your Network

    Start Guest Blogging

    Comment on Other Blogs

    Give out the Link Love

    Promote Your Blog's URL

    Participate in Blog Carnivals

    Participate in various Web miners

    Don't Ignore Search Engine Optimization

    Interview a Popular Blogger - This could be a great way to get your site noticed

    Create a Theme

    Join a Blog Network

    Most Importantly...
    All of these tips assume that you've already got great content -- which is easily the number one way to get visitors to your blog. If you don't have great content, you're just wasting your time. The visitors will leave just as quickly as the came, and you've quite likely lost a chance to get them back. If you do have great content, though, you may not have to do anything else. People will talk and link and promote you themselves without you having to lift a finger. It's not quite "If you build it, they will come," but it's close.
    So focus first on posting stuff worth reading before you start trying to get people to read it. You won't be disappointed!
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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  • Hi Nattie,

    Aside from the free traffic sources that have been mentioned so far that you pay for in time, do you have any capital to invest in paid traffic? This may help get the ball rolling for you.
    Make Big Money in South Florida Real Estate!
    Our real estate team takes your online and offline generated home buyer and seller leads, and converts them into BIG money in return. We're currently looking for international partners located in UK, Russia, China, Brazil, and more. PM me today for more information. Start earning what your worth by creating a niche in real estate.
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    list building and redirect back to your blog posts


    press releases

    but guest posting on high traffic blogs is good also.
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    Although SEO is important, I'm not going to recommend tearing your hair out about it. Unless you have an uncompetitive niche, it would take serious SEO work to get your posts onto the first or second pages of Google. You have to balance the time you invest with what you get out of it.

    So instead of waiting for readers to come to you, go straight after them. Build backlinks like a crazy person, by sharing on social bookmarking sites (careful-don't spam, share other websites too) and not least, posting on forums such as internet marketing forums where you can share your blog link.

    Epic blog posts with lots of resources and great information can also generate great backlinks because they attract so much attention. A couple of links from popular blogs and you could see your traffic go up quite a bit.
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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the guest blogging idea, I didn't think of that.
    So how do ya'll typically get guest blogging gigs? Do you just ask bloggers in your niche, or is there some other way?
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    Hosting is more important that you think. Should you choose a poor hosting site and your blog takes too long to load up, Google will not index your site. If this happens all of your best efforts will go to waste. So you should choose a reputable hosting site. Some of the top hosting sites are GoDaddy and HostGator. They can start you off right.

    As far as getting traffic, you have many many options. SEO, Paid advertising, video marketing/blogging, PPC, Banner Ads, Offline marketing, email marketing. There are limitless ways to drive traffic to your blog. I do it everyday by using what I just talked about. I'm not the only one doing it. Most, if not everybody responding to this post is doing something that I've talked about.
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    Article directories, this is agood way to get people familiar with your writing style from a place where you know traffic already is.
    forum marketing - allows you to build quality backlinks to your blog or website
    social media - there's no better way to build a relationship with your audience aside from email marketing

    I hope you find these tips helpful
    Kind Regards
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