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Hello everyone,

I'm working on an ebook about how to find hot niches, which will be used in a non-partisan fundraising effort to help refugees in the Republic of Georgia, where I live. In short, I'm still looking for a few people to interview for the book.

During the recent war, I was updating some folks at the Warrior Forum at

There are about 120,000 displaced persons right now, many of whom are still sleeping on the floors in schools or even abandoned buildings and are only getting minimal food. (To be blunt, we suspect much of the international aid is being stolen, because it's happened before. That's why we want to help directly.) You can learn more at the blog in my sig or PM me with any questions.

For the ebook, so far six people have agreed to help out and three interviews have been completed. I'd really LOVE to have 10 people for this and complete the book by Monday, so I'm posting an open invitation.

So, what's in it for YOU?

For doing a quick little email interview on your methods for finding profitable niches, you
get a healthy-sized bio (any length with as many links as you want) and your name and name of your products listed in the sales page. It's nothing thrilling, but it's a little advertising, some good PR, and some extra karma. ;-)

Three well known Warriors have already replied and these are people I'm sure anyone would be proud to see their name along side.

Do you have a nose for niches? PM me and I'll reply ASAP with the questions.

Also, if you happen to have a list and would be willing to send out a note when the book is ready for sale, I promise to name my firstborn child after you. Well, I'd be very grateful, anyway... :-)

(And to those due to receive work from me, don't worry, I'm working. It's 3 am and I'm still working...:-) )
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