Has Google put the kibosh on my operation?

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Since Google's penguin updates my websites traffic has taken a nose dive.

It seems like all the websites I have under my webmaster tools accounts are suffering the same. My main money-making website went from 500 (targeted) visitors a day to less than 50.

Anyhow. I started a new website in a new niche around September of last year. Right now it has 32 pages of unique articles and information, written by me and keyword optimized.

The problem is, I would be lucky to receive one visitor a day to it. It has backlinks (not a ton yet), and is actually a great website. Mind you its a fairly competitive niche, but could traffic be this low?

My question; Is Google holding it back because its listed in my Webmaster tools account? Do they know I am an affiliate marketer and not giving me a chance? :confused:

Anyone else experience anything like this?
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    I really do not have a clue what may have happened to your site. Google may have something to do with it.

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      Link profile could use some help, that's for sure. I am just weary investing too much time, just in case it's predestined to fail by Google.

      Link profile in Open Site Explorer looks like this:

      Domain Authority 13/100
      Page Authority: 27/100
      Linking Root Domains: 10
      Total Links: 60

      Some are decent..some article and RSS directories.

      Nothing special so far, although I would expect to get
      at least 1 or 2 visits a day?
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  • Doubt those links are having any effect, negatively or positively. Depends where you rank for keyword terms, how can you get any visits at all if you're nowhere near the 1st page, if search engine traffic is what you want.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Perez O'Connor View Post

      Doubt those links are having any effect, negatively or positively. Depends where you rank for keyword terms, how can you get any visits at all if you're nowhere near the 1st page, if search engine traffic is what you want.
      Very true. I just figure I should get the odd long tail keyword visitor. I'm just trying to figure out if Google is suppressing me. Again though, competitive industry so I'm not sure what I expect.
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    I just stopped by to this thread to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Haven't done anything differently all of a sudden several blogs dropped in alexa and traffic ranking not sure if something else changed in google.

    I am here to learn how to improve some of my blogs including Big Fat Daddy's BBQ and RetroChalet Plastic Dinnerware Site. Using Blogger and I'm still at the 1.0 level so anyone talking to me please break it down for me.

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    Just for your own peace of mind you may want to set up a test site with a test webmaster account. The reason I recommend this is because I had the same exact thing happen to my main money site. I went form page 1 or 2 for every key word I was targeting to not even in the top 500! I went from making a really nice income to no income over night. And from what I've heard this was not unique to me - many people lost everything!

    After I was wiped out I started to put the pieces back together. I realized my site a a lot of spammy links - over 5,000 of them. So I figured there was no use in trying to rehabilitate that site. I started over. Here is the key to why I think you should test a new site: Within TWO DAYS of putting up a new site on the same topic with basically the same products I was ranked in the top four pages of Google search for the key words I was targeting. At this point I had not even done any off-page SEO whatsoever. The moral to the story was they did not penalize my whole webmaster account for the one spammy-link site. So from my personal experience I think you should be alright but I would test just to make sure.
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    If your site revolves around affiliate marketing, I'd suggest that could be the reason. Google is trying to keep these sites off the search because they are not considered as providing impartial content. Let's face it, the aim of the site is to sell affiliate products.

    However, the sites in your Google webmaster account should not be impacted so long as they are not affiliate themed sites.
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