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hey guys,

I'm wondering how do you increase the speed of your wordpress site if you're on a shared hosting plan?

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    use the cache plugin like WP Super cache
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    As Pinakin mentioned WP Super Cache used to work wonders for me, if you know how to configure it properly you should have no problems. There are tutourials all over the place.

    As for a paid option, i have used MaxCDN in the past, they dramatically improved my sites performance and speed.
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    Improving the speed of your website is important not only to users, but to search engine rankings as well. So here are some tips that I am providing you to minimize your page loading time.

    The first thing you should do is to analyze your current page speed. This allows you to track your improvement and ensure that any changes you make positively improve your page load times.

    Then optimize you're your website images
    Don't scale down images
    Compress and Optimize Your Content
    Put Stylesheet References at the Top
    Put Script References at the Bottom
    Place JavaScript and CSS in External Files
    Minimize HTTP Requests
    Cache Your Web Pages
    Reduce 301 Redirects

    Web page speed is a metric that should not be ignored if you are concerned about providing an optimal user experience.
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    WP Super Cache is probably the best plugin for the job.

    Also if you are using DreamHost you can enable Google's Page Speed optimization that makes your website at least 2 or 3 times faster.

    My website went almost 5 times faster when I enabled it.

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    What kind of rating do you guys get when useing Google PageSpeed Insights?

    One of my wordpress blogs get 84

    Kickin' ass since 1983

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  • Take a look at this blog post - How to Speed Up Wordpress - The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide. Make sure that you also spend a bit of time with GTmetrix, it's mentioned at the end of the article.
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    Yes use WP Super Cache, and optimize your database. I got someone else to do some tweaking in my database and the improvements were dramatic.
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    Use a cache plugin (like W3 Total Cache) and use a CDN.
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    The single biggest thing you can do is install a cache plugin. The only two worth looking at are Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Total Cache is ridiculously complicated to set up, so I'd recommend Super Cache for ease.

    Also think about installing another WordPress plugin called WP which automatically compresses the file size of images. Very useful if you have site that uses a lot of images.

    These two things alone will speed up your site a great deal.
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    One thing to consider is slowness due to outside sources. I had a Facebook widget slowing down my site and installed Lazy Widget Loader to load the rest of the site before the outside content. There is also at least one plugin to lazy load images, on case your site is image heavy. Might be worth a try.
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    Have a look on speed testing pages to see what's going with you homepage. This may identify plugins or links that are slowing the load speed.

    I wrote this blog post about my findings, it should help you a bit so you don't break the site like I nearly did.

    Top Technical Tips For Website Owners
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    Use wpengine hosting, expensive but very effective.
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    WOW! How the heck did I miss WP super cache all these years?
    Just installed it and OMG what a difference! Here's a good install guide -

    Optimizing WordPress with WP Super Cache Plugin | InMotion Hosting
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