Autoresponder Series vs Ebook vs Videos

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I'm diving into e-mail marketing and I already know the type of freebie/information I want to provide to my visitors but I'm not sure what would be the best format...

1. An Autoresponder Series?
2. A report in pdf?
3. a video series?

any info / suggestion is greatly appreciated...

what do you think are the pros and cons for each?

thanks everyone..
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    Good videos will always convert better.

    This is for anything, videos always come out on top.
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      Originally Posted by adsassist View Post

      Good videos will always convert better.

      This is for anything, videos always come out on top.

      Not with me it won't I'm afraid Justin, it would have to be something very special indeed for me to watch because of my very slow Internet connection, HD videos look cool but are even worse, a 10 min video could take me 45 mins to watch - no thanks - click - gone

      So imo you should offer a pdf as well for maximum customer possibilities.

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    I agree with adsassist, videos seem to have a certain type of interesting factor, people love to watch videos especially tutorials... I would go with a video series.

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    Videos do not always come out on top -- that's a large generalization.

    There are actually a lot of markets that seem to still prefer PDF's and short reports.

    As mentioned above you shouldn't be looking at this or that.

    You should be using all formats and that way you will be catering to all types of users. The more different formats you have your information in the better.
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      It really depends what you want to offer them. Some niches look better with videos while others go better with PDF.
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    as mentioned above ... it completely depends on the niche you select ....

    With the videos .. try to be precise specially on the opt in page .... as far as the follow up is concerned .... i think it wont be bad to send them video messages ... but it will depend on how you frame these videos and give value to your product which you want to sell ...
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    I do video marketing so I am a little bias. I would suggest split testing both methods and keeping stats on which one performs the best. Use a tracking service to monitor the results.
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    I hate to say this but you will only know which medium is suitable for your business until you have tested it. I personally still prefer to read pdf ebook as I can glance through to get a summary of the report that I have subscribed or purchased.

    The best solution is to offer all different formats so that you will be able to satisfy most of the subscribers and customers. I will start off with one medium, start to do the marketing of the website and add on the other medium at the later time.

    This is what I will do personally
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      Honestly, for a lot of niches, you can still get by with just a pdf, and not even a long one at that, (10 pages is often enough) and some more helpful tips as always via email (because if they’re on your list, you might as well and should send helpful information to your list).

      The make money online category of niches, weight loss, or dating/relationships will expect a bit more though than just a little pdf - this is where you may have to test those 3 methods and see which is the winner… although a drip series or video series may be the best way to start out (at least that’s what I did for weight loss and MMO).
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    If you already have those 3, why not using all of those 3?

    So it will be like this:
    Free report (.pdf) offered on your squeeze page, then you could use the video as an OTO/upsell. The AR series? Use it as a follow-up.

    Good luck!
    Just Scammed by Bob Stephan / Leonardo Cattani aka KickAss Marketing LOL!
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      denologis, I see you were Scammed by Bob Stephan

      Did you ever get a refund?

      I'm in the same boat.
      He didnt deliver the paid-for Gold product.
      He didnt respond to the support ticket except to say he would respond in 6-12 hours... and that's weeks ago.

      Unless you dont mind a good dose of RISK.
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    I would go with an autoresponder series because of the automation that it allows you to have but really it is up to you and what you feel will convert the best.
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    Test them both with your video and if your subscribers have slow connections or older computers at least they will be able to read it because you sent both.
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    focusing on what format is hardly a priority right now, I think it depend on what you want to offer. if you want to offer a product review, then video will works best for your because people don't want to read something they don't want to learn. product review is just an opinion from someone else, so it is better to use format that suits your needs.
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    Ebook is good for people who love to read, video is good for the visual group. I am sure you don't know whether most of your list love to read or love to watch. so why can't you just do both of the promotion campaign. some people may skip the ebook part, but they will gladly watch some videos, right?
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    There's some good advice here already...

    I would do a video series, as already recommned but also with a PDF transcript. I would also use an autoresponder to follow up on your prospects

    That's just my 2 cents

    I just emailed google for a link from their homepage... waiting to hear back

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    its depends on what kind of list you are building, and what you are targeting ,
    as many people say video is always good but you can do some split testing so you will know
    what is best for you and your list .
    good luck
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    Video and a supporting pdf can work well.
    Remember though it is the value you are providing that is more important.
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    Video series is always good... you should also help your list with what you know.. produce small videos and give them some free training with a call to action after a couple of e-mails - e.g. if you learnt about something cool online that will help your list, make a video, tell them about it for free, and then a couple of e-mails later, then give away your product.

    Shafina Zahra
    Loving Life!

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    I think it would be better to combine them all.

    There are people who are too lazy to read, so they prefer videos.
    There are people who are too lazy to go through lengthy videos, so they prefer pdf.

    By doing all the formats, you might getting a higher conversion rate. But I think it would really depends on your niche. If your niche is about weight loss, muscle building, etc. you might want to give them a video on how to exercise correctly. For MMO niche, it would be better if you combine them all.
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    Something like a 14 day course delivered via autoresponder can appear to have more value than your ten a penny PDF ebook.
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