Which "Guru" Offers the Most CONCRETE and PURE Nuggets of Information??

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I want to get some more products to learn from.

But I want REAL RECIPES. I want REAL ACTUAL things to include in my sales letters, processes, products etc.

In other words, I dont want a guy saying

"You need to think like the customer.."

Instead, I want a dude who will say specific things to say and do.

Who is the most concrete on giving me actual directions on exactly what to do?

So far I've enjoyed "43 Split Tests" as a good example of concrete-ness.
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    Depends on you, your goals and strengths.

    One person could be the world's best gold miner. Another could be the world's best balloon pilot. Follow either one, and you could have quite a getaway. Follow them both at once, and where will that get you? Is it better to dig, sort and rinse ore, or to sew, inflate and guide a bag of lighter than air gas? Doesn't it depend on the person as much as the technique?


    Success only requires four words. http://www.warriorforum.com/blogs/ad...our-words.html

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    to be honest i find that even if the info they are giving you is good and they dont sound well speaking or you cant stand the tone of their vioce, its gonna turn you off. I have a few people that do that to me and then their are others that u could learn from all day beacuse the are chilled and sound good.. i wont mention names it would be unfair
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      I have recently went on an unsubscribing spree to get off all the lists.

      I have stayed on 3 lists.

      One of them that I stayed on is Kim Roach's. She always sends out quality information that you can use.

      And she sends out links to videos showing you how to do it. It is like a breath of fresh air in the non stop pitch fest of email marketing.

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    Depends what you want you want to learn. I think if you follow certain experts' blogs you can find all sorts of nuggets of information that you wouldn't maybe have thought of yourself. There are certain warriors whose blogs I read which always provide good tips, but whom you may not consider to be of 'guru' status..
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    Checkout Ryan Diess he has several programs and a membership site that he updates with very useful information and case studies. I think the price of the membership is 97.00 a month or something.

    Seems though the information he shares is the kind of thing you are asking about.

    - Terry
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    I have been studying a lot of the current offerings and the ones that appear to have the most nuts and bolts in terms of recipes and offering concrete value include kevin wilke, howie swartze and jeff johnson. haven't yet shelled out the big bucks on any of them, but wilke's nitro blueprints seem great for piecing together the whole model, seems better value for money and would be very high on my list when i go looking for higher learning!
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    I read everything by Chris Rempel. You can learn a lot from this guy!

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      Originally Posted by Gary M. View Post

      I read everything by Chris Rempel. You can learn a lot from this guy!
      I have to agree with Gary. Chris Rempel does have sales pitches, but the content of his blog posts are really insightful and full of real content that you can use today.

      -Mike D.
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    Paul Myers
    'nuff said.
    Let's get Tim the kidney he needs!HELP Tim
    Mega Monster WSO for KimW http://ow.ly/4JdHm

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      Originally Posted by Razer Rage View Post

      Quoted For Truth.

      Honestly, I've paid quite a bit for IM products and I haven't really found anything that beats the free content I've gotten in newsletters. Marlon just released a new "freebook" that was really good. Called the Best of I think.

      I thought Chris Rempel's stuff was OK, but nothing groundbreaking (good blog though).

      MC and PLF are OK, but you can learn a lot of it from their free videos.

      I really liked Get Money from Google (for 27 bucks might have been the best product I've purchased yet)

      What kind of marketing do you do?
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    Thanks guys.
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    I too Like Deiss, Belcher, and Pagan. Pagan is the MAN, but.. sometimes I like more concrete stuff.
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    Another vote for Paul Myers

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Yes I want real MODELS. Online marketing MODELS with diagrams and exactly what to do.
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      Everything is relative.

      I don't know of to many email lists you can sign up for and all they do is send you out there best working models plus take the time to make out diagrams with exactly what to do.

      Signing up for a mailing list isn't like having someone hold your hand and walk you through everything step by step.

      As long as they get the basic concept across it is up to you to go out and make it happen and put your own spin on it.
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    everyone is different, try out their free stuff and if you don't resonate with them you can look at someone else. If you like 'em try their product, almost everyone has guarantee that will let you refund if it's not for you.

    Rick Dearr
    RnR Marketing, LLC
    Sandy, Utah 84070
    90 Second Video - Free Access

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      Mike Dillard introduced me to internet marketing for prospecting. He has a ton of great products

      Anthony Busciglio

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    I am not talking about maililng lists. I am talking about buying products.

    Yes -- I like Dillard too. And Armand Morin
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    I like Jimmy D Brown's products.
    He has lots of brandable ebooks for his products so you can 'get a look' before buying. He also has lots of free eclasses that give you a sense of his style and business models.

    For me, too many 'gurus' are in-your-face and their products are too longggg.

    So as to who to look for, part of the answer is your style and who (the customer) you want to reach.
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    the market guru of course
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    I've always heard, and have come to know that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

    Most learn from different people. What I may learn from one person, you may not, or vise-versa.

    If i had to pick who I learn the best information from for me personally and my business, I'd say - Paul Myers and Chris Rempel

    To me they give the most meat and potatoes, and I like meat and potatoes!
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    Why hasn't anyone said ...

    Dude, if you don't want to use your brain, you're better off getting a job that requires no brainpower ... like mopping floors, or flipping burgers, or cutting lawns.

    What you want is cut and paste stuff, but that's not marketing, that's something you could train a monkey to do for you ... and you'll NEVER have anywhere near the level of success you could if you'd just stop complaining, and start listening to, and acting on the supposedly not "REAL" things that smart people are telling you to do.

    If you have an automated webinar in the IM, biz opp, or make money space, and if it already converts to cold, and/or paid traffic... I want to send free traffic, and free leads to you registration page, every single day, until it stops converting. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS NOW.

    P.P.S. Viral Marketing Doesn't Work ... Tell Everyone You Know! ;)
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      Well most of the ones I mention are not "gurus" in the sense. Most are here on the Warrior forum and they know how to make a lot money and how to teach the same. I would not hesitate to purchase from any one of them. They overdeliver. Here goes in no particular order.

      Allen Says
      Paul Meyers
      Kevin Riley
      Chris Rempel
      Andy Henry
      Jimmy Brown
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  • Profile picture of the author The Oilman
    Gary_The_Ace - I was waiting for a guy like you. I do just fine online.
    I am just looking for a way to fix things up.

    I've made more money than probably 99% of internet marketers, all by learning myself.

    Now I am just turning to the masters for a few tips. Shoot me.
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    Originally Posted by The Oilman View Post

    I want to get some more products to learn from.

    But I want REAL RECIPES. I want REAL ACTUAL things to include in my sales letters, processes, products etc.

    In other words, I dont want a guy saying

    "You need to think like the customer.."

    Instead, I want a dude who will say specific things to say and do.

    Who is the most concrete on giving me actual directions on exactly what to do?

    So far I've enjoyed "43 Split Tests" as a good example of concrete-ness.
    If your looking for a blue print step 1 to 10, those are available everywhere, point is, implementation, see what niche your promoting, what methods suit you the best, how much efforts you put into it, and still after that there is no guarantee it will work, so stick to it, hang on!

    ..and yes the guy who states "You need to think like the customer.." is NOT WRONG, you have to think like the customer, although I totally understand what your seeking, but then its all part of making the customer KNOW YOU, more than knowing your product.
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    Chris Rempel. It may not tell you "exactly" what to do, but I re-read through his stuff at least once a week.
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    Has anyone seen the south park episode where they have to destroy a walmart by ripping its heart out? They get to the center only to find a mirror....yes the heart of walmart is you and I.

    I can see how this applies here, lol.


    WarriorForum Rules!

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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    By the time you get to the top of "Guru Mountain" there will only be a mirror there.
    This made me smile honestbizpro. I think self belief will play a big part of getting to the summit.

    Whether they are considered gurus or not I always look to see what Marlon Sanders and Ed Dale are up to and to be honest am unfamiliar with some of the names mentioned above.
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    Guru = Someone who is enlightened. There are many.
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    Chris Rempel.
    STYLE BAKERY | Style Baked Fresh Daily
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    without any doubt, its got to be the Masked Guru.
    http://www.contentboss.com - automated article rewriting software gives you unique content at a few CENTS per article!. New - Put text into jetspinner format automatically! http://www.autojetspinner.com

    PS my PM system is broken. Sorry I can't help anymore.
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    howie schwartz , never brought anything from him yet - but his free content is awsome.

    He does affiliate marketing / ppc / organic

    his big on google.
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    • Profile picture of the author Steve Steinitz
      Hi The Oilman

      Though not yet a household name, I quite liked Warrior Kyle Tully's recent offering: 'The Lost Blueprint'. It's concrete, as you specified; it even has the diagram you want. I hope Kyle wouldn't mind me saying it has shades of the great Mr. Deiss but is much more bite-sized.

      A brilliant brass tacks system appeared a few days ago right here on this forum. Did you see: How I Make $40k/mth From My Membership Site? See if your mouth isn't hanging open after reading that.

      There are so many from which to choose.



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    Chris Rempel is the only one I've ever purchased anything from. I've spent a few bucks on reports and intro memberships for some WSO stuff here. But nothing over $10.

    I like Rempel's approach in that he doesn't spend half his ebook giving you childhood history stories or redundant philosophy that is merely common sense to most people. He gives you an actual action plan with instructions and examples that you can follow.

    Otherwise, I have learned plenty from simply being on lists and free newsletters. I like Mike Fortin's and Tiffany Dow's newsletters for copywriting. Ed Dale and Stompernet send plenty of free info for SEO and traffic. Frank Kern is entertainment in itself, whether you learn from him or not, he's just fun to read and listen to.

    Travis@BumMarketing gives me good info on free traffic, promotion, and article marketing.

    Overall it really depends on your needs. As an "advanced newbie" myself, I can offer this advice:

    Don't focus too much on buying up a bunch of products.

    None of them, and I mean NONE of them will ever do a thing for you UNLESS you have the time and willingness to put it all into action.

    I know many are always looking for that quick, easy fix that will bring them loads of cash overnight. Frankly, iot just DOES NOT exist. And if any "guru" tells you otherwise and offers you something that they say is guaranteed to make you a wad of cash overnight, then you can forget about them immediately.

    If you're just starting out, there is nothing out there that will bring you easy, instant overnight success. Don't let anybody fool you. Whether online or offline, there is a lot of hard work, time, and diligence involved in marketing success.

    Honestly, if you don't have the time, energy or will to devote to your goals in IM, then you are simply wasting money by buying all these products. There's no "secret magical formula". That's just marketing hype. The best formula is hard work, dedication, and focus PLUS knowledge. These things simply are NOT mutually exclusive.

    One more guru I'd recommend is Kevin Riley. He has a very sensible and systematic approach for generating targeted traffic to your particular offer of page.
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    Keep your eye out for Russel Brunson's "systems" training videos. These are not often released, but I've seen him offer them about once a year...

    It's the exact traffic systems he uses in camtasia video format so that you can pass them onto outsourcers (or yourself) to get the job(s) done...

    It is focused on traffic though. You'd need to make sure you construct the right offers to throw this traffic at...but without traffic selling is like talking to yourself in a box.


    PS: Although I will admit bias here as he's a good friend, I can recommend Howie Schwartz's products if you're looking for very interesting ways to hit Google and very specific methods of keyword research that are driven on purchase/results and not sheer volume of traffic.

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    I have to go with Matt Bacak on that one. He lays it all out for you.

    Originally Posted by The Oilman View Post

    I want to get some more products to learn from.

    But I want REAL RECIPES. I want REAL ACTUAL things to include in my sales letters, processes, products etc.

    In other words, I dont want a guy saying

    "You need to think like the customer.."

    Instead, I want a dude who will say specific things to say and do.

    Who is the most concrete on giving me actual directions on exactly what to do?

    So far I've enjoyed "43 Split Tests" as a good example of concrete-ness.
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    • Well if you are looking to sell ebooks def the ebook "desperate buyers only" kind of depends on your market...
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      • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
        Oilman, your question is kind of like trying to answer, what's the most
        delicious meal you can eat?

        Depends on what you're in the mood for.

        Some days, all I want is a nice lobster tail in drawn butter.

        Then there are those days where I crave a pepperoni pizza.

        And of course who doesn't get a hankering for a nice chili dog "all the way"?

        When I was a noob, the standard "step by step a-z" stuff was good enough
        for me. Now that I'm passed that stage, I get more out of a little tip from
        a Paul Myers or a Ken Reuss or even a Ron Douglas.

        Some tips I'll use right away. Others, I'll store in the back of my mind or
        make a note to use the next time I do ABC.

        I can learn from anybody and have learned from just about anybody. Dana
        W got me into Twitter and her tips have helped me turn that into 500%
        more visitors to my blog.

        And she's no guru, but she's probably helped me (of late anyway) more
        than anybody.

        The key is teaching yourself to identify what's real and what's just BS.

        Sometimes that comes instinctively and sometimes it only comes from
        testing. At first, I wasn't sure this Twitter thing would work. So I tested
        it using Dana's advice and a few other things I picked up along the way.

        Turned out to be most profitable...though it didn't have to.

        If you're having as much success as you say you are (congrats) then you
        should be at the point where you can identify the good from the bad.

        As to who has the "best" good. That's all a matter of opinion and, as I
        said, what meal you're looking for at the time.

        I wouldn't want to eat lobster everyday. Eventually, I'd get sick of it.

        Not every marketer is an expert at every little thing. What you learn from
        Paul Myers you may not be able to learn from Chris Rempel and visa versa.

        One guru?

        Forget it...you're way too limiting yourself.
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  • Profile picture of the author Franck Silvestre
    Actionable stuff = Marlon Sanders

    The basics, the basics.

    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
    >> HOT WSO: Six Figure Solo Sellers <<

    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    • Profile picture of the author lovesexlaughs
      I have been reading this post with interest and was wondering when someone would get around to mentioning Marlon Sanders. His info includes lots of self promote but that is what it is all about... huh? Great info from him.
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    You'll find some of the most practically useful info in "Insider Secrets 2009" course from Internet Marketing Center. (marketingtips.com)

    Also anything by Marlon Sanders is a must-have.

    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - W. Shakespeare

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  • Profile picture of the author kckaz
    Ditto on Insider Secrets - Internet Marketing Center has sold over $100 Million worth of products. Also Ed Dale gives away a ton with his 30 day challenge

    Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/KennyKurtz and I'll follow you back.

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  • Profile picture of the author The Oilman
    Thanks everyone! I am glad this thread worked out.
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    • Profile picture of the author Nathan Hangen
      Stompernet just opened up with a $1 trial if you are interested.
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    Hi The Oilman

    I kinda like Michael Cheney. He is not one of those big time gurus, yet, and his feet still touch the ground to the point that he is available at a reasonable price.
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    If you're really paying attention, ALL of the "gurus" offer a tremendous amount of freely available advice.

    For example, Ed Dale and Co. do a fantastic, barn burning kick ass podcast available on iTunes for free.
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