Give Twitter Users What They Want and Make some money off it!!

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Ok, this is just a little idea I have been cooking up but haven't gotten around to doing.

I have read (and actually made money from) several reports last year about how to use google trends to make some good money. I think S. Wags had a WSO I picked up about it.

I was thinking about this today and it suddenly struck me. Why not integrate what is hot on Google Trends with Twitter!!

Now here me out while I try to get what I am thinking down here.

First thing is to find out what is popular on Google Trends.

I would suggest setting up a self hosted WP blog. The reason for that is because of plugins you can use that will help the article go viral.

Now you can find out what is hot right now and make a post about it. If it is something controversial than go to youtube and grab a video related to the subject. People go crazy for video.

Now you have a controversial post about a subject that is hot right now. It it is hot in google then I would be willing to be that it is hot on Twitter.

I also suggest using this plug in: Tweet This, a WordPress Plugin for Twitter

It adds a really cool Tweet This button to the bottom of each post.

Now slap some adsense up on the page and you should be set.

Now the more twitter followers you have the better but it shouldn't take much to get the ball rolling. Since you have the retweet button on your posts then as long as a few people click on your link and retweet the post than it stands a good chance to go viral.

Now check in on Google trends several times a day and see what is hot. Then go make a post about it.

I am sure there is much more that can be added to this topic but that is what I have off the top of my head.

A few posts a week that go crazy viral on Twitter should equal a good size chunk of change even using adsense.

If you want to step it up a notch then add some CPA banners on the post.

Just thinking out loud here..............
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    Your right on point. The more good content that you tweet, the more people like your tweets and are gonna click on the links that you put in your tweets.

    Anthony Busciglio

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    mmm...well yes, in principle it looks right..."ride the traffic wave" would be just matter of polishing the details of this model...
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    Creative ideas are always a treat! although somehow Twitter now seems to be saturated - I get direct messages from others almost spamming me with their links etc.

    Everyone following everyone, its so saturated, hardly anyone pays attention there.

    Just my 2 cents
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      I weed out those who only send out junk tweets.

      The first time you see someone send a tweet with an affiliate link, then click on their profile and unfollow them.

      That will weed them out quickly.

      The thing with this model is that you could create an impressive site that is full of all the top news for each day.

      I don't think it would take to much to get a lot of traffic with people retweeting all the posts.

      I will have to try this out and test my theory.....
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    I believe Twitter is soon going to be a site model to finding friends who don't even use the app for the proper reasoning because everyone follows everyone as Galactus has said, but there will always be a small majority that will use it for the actual thing as well.
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    great concept. I will explore this idea when the time is right. Thanks.
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      Originally Posted by robertseo View Post

      great concept. I will explore this idea when the time is right. Thanks.
      I honestly can't see how the time ISN'T right to start exploring Twitter. It's been a booming social networking service for the past few months and you're essentially saying "I know the bandwagon is leaving, but I'll wait for the next train"? It takes all of one minute to register on Twitter and another to start playing around with it and discovering just why it's so popular. I find it quite unfortunate that you refuse to even spend two minutes of your time in discovering both a great social networking tool and an amazing portal for IM leads.
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    I am thinking about buying the viral video wso to use along these lines. I fear that twitter is saturated, it probably would be better if it was private.
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    This may be of interest.

    Magpie | Twitterer
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