Where do I put my audio files so I can embed them on my site?

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I'm trying to embed an audio player on my WP site...but am having troubles in determining where I should actually be storing my audio files. Do I put them on a file host like Amazon S3...or throw them into an appropriate file through my FTP...or what? Below is the code I'm supposed to put into the html (changing out all the names, of course), but that's where I get stuck. Your help is appreciated!

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    It depends on whether your hosting package can handle it. How much traffic are you expecting? How many audio do you expect to have? If you plan on having a lot up with lots of view/loads/traffic and you don't want to spend the money for a 'bigger' or stronger package, it may be best to just host it elsewhere.

    I've always put my files in my own domain, but all of my sites are on dedicated servers.
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    Audios arnt very big so just store them in a audio folder on your hosting.

    If you use one pixel for your audio player then set it as the default folder and just add the audio name otherwise use the full url to the audio.

    Here is mine using 1 pixel audio.

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    anywhere you want, just link them right. Also be mindful about leeches.
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