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I have created a product that already has an extremely low price point and I would like to release it as a WSO before releasing it to the general public, the problem is that I literally cannot lower the price, so my question is can I create a WSO with a coupon specifically for warriors to use the product for free? Like, instead of a 25% off, I can give warriors a coupon coode that gives them 1000 free credits (which is what we use) Would this be acceptable as a WSO?
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    Assuming that the product (in general) is acceptable as a WSO, then yes, you can do this. You just need to give Warriors a "better deal," which could mean a coupon for extra services, some extra features in the product, or whatever. Not necessarily a "lower price," just a better deal.

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    Yes, the key thing is giving "The better deal" which means it's not just the cost. Of course people will want to get it cheaper, but whatever makes it the better deal for warriors is the key.
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    Though it's rare, I have seen some people sell points rather than an actual product. What you can do is have the product at your normal price point, but say that any warriors that buy from WF get an additional 1,000 free points with their order. You can also just make a free WSO.

    Most people have free WSOs in order to build a list, but you can do it to giveaway free points. It's basically the same principle.
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    You could set up like a back door page specifically for warriors.. Good luck with your first WSO
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