Who here is the best niche finder?

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Hi guys,

This topic pertains to Adsense. I've had a little pay with it before but failed on the niche side of things. In the end I was able to drive traffic, organize my theme and ad placement in such a way as to increase CTR's etc.

But average CPC was $0.09. Ouch!

So instead of investing time and effort into keyword research I was wondering if there are any keyword gurus out there that wish to exchange profitable keywords for payment.

If you're a keyword guru reading this please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    I'm a newbie when it comes to something like this but I'm learning from this guy: If your on Facebook that is..

    Austin E Anthony.. he's on Facebook and can help you.. He has a mastermind group there, quite helpful. I can't give you a link because I don't and can't give out that but I'm not selling anything here just letting you know what's up..

    He will talk to you and responds quite quickly and maybe he can help you out.. very good guy too, he likes to help ppl.. not out to make a quick buc but does very well for himself I must say.. take care.. Fizzzz
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