Cant get an additional ip! price went 500% up and my hosting needs a justification (SEO non valid)

by Snatch
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This is stupid ridiculous, this morning I spent 2 hours with the help desk of my hosting provider they wouldn't let me buy an additional ip address (now cost 500% more) and saying they wouldn't give it to me cause SEO justification is non valid? WTF!!!!! Why they think I create the websites in the first place to make the children of the neighborhood happy? Finally I gave up. no ip nothing. I am with
this is the article they pointed me too

Anyone experiencing the same in its own hosting company?
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    You will have the same experience with any hosting company, the IPV4 stocks are pretty much depleted now so providers can no longer throw around IP's willy nilly.

    The only real justifiable reason for needing a Dedicated IP is if you have an SSL certificate, as that can only be installed on a Dedicated IP. Everything else (including nameservers) that can be run on a single shared IP have no need for a Dedicated IP.

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    IPv4 space has been exhausted. Pay up and shut up are the choices if you want a dedicated IP address for 'SEO purposes.'
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    Its not with Liquidweb its with every hosting company, recently one of my friend faced similar issues with other hosting company.
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    S**T We have to tell All Gore to fix up the net!!!

    so basically requesting additional ips is over...? What do you guys think, putting all your sites in shared uip addresses would that affect your SEO efforts?
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