How about traffic exchange programs?

by nitesh
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Hello Everyone,

I have heard of some traffic exchange programs and one is in the link below.

AutoSurf Traffic Exchange: Powerful Results with SEO tips | 10K Hits

How valuable these traffic exchange programs are?

Are there any traffic exchange or autosurf programs that may help to improve alexa without increasing the bounce rate?

Please advice.

Thank You
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    I never understood what's the point of traffic if it's not targeted to your content and keywords? If the traffic can't read your language or can't understand what you're talking about or can't care less about your content?
    Get targeted traffic by doing seo, ppc solo ads and etc. At least the ppl you target are relevant to you. I also use engageya's plugin for my sites. WordPress › Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya « WordPress Plugins .
    It promotes my posts on other relevant sites, to relevant readers. It's not the quantity of traffic that counts, its quality ( but yeah, quality + quantity is what we seek for),
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      Originally Posted by IMPromocoder View Post

      I never understood what's the point of traffic if it's not targeted to your content and keywords?
      None at all, that I can see.

      It's pretty simple, I think: traffic sources like this are potentially good if what you're promoting is targeted at that traffic.

      This isn't "untargeted" traffic. It's targeted. But it's targeted for someone promoting an e-book or membership site called "How To Attract Extra Traffic" because that's what all the people there are looking for. And it's perhaps slightly targeted for other IM/MMO niches as well (because they're all people with websites who want to make money from them?), but it isn't targeted for anything else.

      Conversations here about TE's all go the same way: many people post and say that it's "untargeted traffic". At the same time, others here are making substantial 4-figure monthly incomes from the same traffic, because they're using it to build a list (in the first instance) and to promote something aimed directly at that traffic (a little later).

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  • Nitesh,

    I have to agree with IMPromocoder. The very notion of a “traffic exchange” makes it sound like people are being forced or coerced into visiting a website. Is that really the kind of traffic you want at your site? Ideally, you want people that go there on their own and actually are interested in the content/products/services you provide as opposed to being steered that way or tricked into visiting your site.

    Here is a thread on the same topic,


    Outsource to the experts...

    We customize your Blog, eBook, Press Release and Sale Copy content with your message.

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    If you are in the IM/MMO niches, then Traffic Exchanges and Safelists
    are excellent tools for list-building and networking with other marketers.

    Otherwise, you're not really targeting your market, are you?

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    Traffic exchange sites can work but it will require tens of thousands of visitors to make a sale. if you can get this traffic cheap or with minimal efforts, so it worth trying. Otherwise it is better to spend your time and budget for a quality traffic in your niche.
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    It is very doubtful, as bounce rate occurs when a web site visitor only views a single page on a that website. Most people are just trying to get points and not really interested in the sites they are viewing, or they will minimize their browser and do something else.

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    that site is a poor example and will get you to join loads of sites and not give you any proper training.

    If you are time rich and willing to learn then you can achieve success, I would recommend joining a site called clicktrackprofit and build up your own brand.
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