It's IMPOSSIBLE to not make money...

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I had something interesting happen to me yesterday, and I'm writing this for you folks that have yet to earn anything online.

I now believe it's impossible to not earn money online... IF. See, that's a big if, not a little one.

I'll tell you the secret in just a second. Yep, I'll tell you what the IF is, and I won't ask anything in return. But first, a little background:

You see, about a year ago or so, I was playing around with a test site, just trying to learn how some things work. I set up a couple of dummy products, which consisted if nothing but a brief description of what the products would be IF they existed. No fancy copy, no sales letter, no eye-candy graphics... just a two sentence blurb and a buy button for each one. And then I forgot all about it.

Remember, this was a testing site, supposedly not available to the public. The buy buttons didn't even function, since I obviously can't sell products that don't exist. (I guess some people do try to do that, but that's a whole 'nother story altogether).

So, what happened? Yesterday I got an email from someone saying they had bought both of these products, and that they were unable to download them! Well, right, because they don't exist! (That took a little explaining on my part).

Here's the lesson I learned, and you can learn with me.

Eventually you WILL make a sale, no matter how awful the presentation, no matter how little traffic you send...


IF you are offering something for sale and giving people a way to get it.

That might mean work though. You may actually have to take the time to put together an offer and put up a buy button. Crazy, I know, but it's true. And seriously, if I managed to "sell" something that didn't exist with the worst imaginable presentation, I trust you can do a whole lot better than that!
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    Yeah you're exactly right, then continue to build upon what you've learned from your first sale.

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    So what you're saying is, is that you didn't actually make any money?

    It's funny though because I do think you make a good point, some people just can't wait to buy something, anything.
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      Originally Posted by jtoelle View Post

      Yeah you're exactly right, then continue to build upon what you've learned from your first sale.
      LOL, not my first sale by any means.

      Originally Posted by alistair View Post

      So what you're saying is, is that you didn't actually make any money?

      It's funny though because I do think you make a good point, some people just can't wait to buy something, anything.
      Correct, I didn't make money on this one, but the point was that there is money to be made, even from the goofiest situations, IF you make the opportunity for yourself.
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    That is an awesome post, Michael!

    I needed to read that today. Thank you.
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    The moral of the story... "IF you do not TRY you cannot succeed."

    I thought it was ironic, I had let go of IM for a year or so to explore some offline opportunities, simply because I had reached burnout, and lost patience waiting to see the return on my efforts.

    Being back in the game for less than 2 weeks, I logged into CB and had to laugh, I made a sale from a product I was promoting over 18 months ago. (*$27.28 commission to be exact) - and as small as that may seem to some, it was a real eye-opener to see the work I did so long ago still held the potential to yield some return... be it a small return... it felt HUGE!!!

    I agree, IF it's out there... people WILL buy it, especially IF they FEEL it will benefit them in some way.
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    A similar thing happened to me but it was for a PSD template I made about 4 years ago. It was hosted on a free, un-finnished Weebly website. I gave up on the site and forgot to take it down. After around 2 years i had a payment. A very nice surprise!

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    That's correct: Pure determination and persistence can take anyone or any business a long way.
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    What a coincidence, a few years I am trying to start a fiverr gig for article writing, even tough writing is not really my specialty. I just want to test the water and see how my friend get a huge success using fiverr. I set up an offer of 500 words of solid original article for home interior niche only, the next week I open my fiverr account ... I see 2 order request hanging around the notice status. Of course I close that account, I hope the one who order the article doesn't get mad
    Forbes, thanks for reminding me about how important TO TAKE ACTION!
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    If you do things that will make money the money will follow. Unfortunately most people keep browsing through forum posts and don't actually do anything.
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    I don't know who said it first. I heard it from Brian Kumar, "Your income is in direct proportion to the number of Buy Now buttons you have out there."
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    There are surprises and unexpected sales, but you cannot count on that. The competition is so high that if you won't make efforts you won't make sales. If you want to make a constant income on the web, you need to WORK for that!
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