It's IMPOSSIBLE to not make money...

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I had something interesting happen to me yesterday, and I'm writing this for you folks that have yet to earn anything online.

I now believe it's impossible to not earn money online... IF. See, that's a big if, not a little one.

I'll tell you the secret in just a second. Yep, I'll tell you what the IF is, and I won't ask anything in return. But first, a little background:

You see, about a year ago or so, I was playing around with a test site, just trying to learn how some things work. I set up a couple of dummy products, which consisted if nothing but a brief description of what the products would be IF they existed. No fancy copy, no sales letter, no eye-candy graphics... just a two sentence blurb and a buy button for each one. And then I forgot all about it.

Remember, this was a testing site, supposedly not available to the public. The buy buttons didn't even function, since I obviously can't sell products that don't exist. (I guess some people do try to do that, but that's a whole 'nother story altogether).

So, what happened? Yesterday I got an email from someone saying they had bought both of these products, and that they were unable to download them! Well, right, because they don't exist! (That took a little explaining on my part).

Here's the lesson I learned, and you can learn with me.

Eventually you WILL make a sale, no matter how awful the presentation, no matter how little traffic you send...


IF you are offering something for sale and giving people a way to get it.

That might mean work though. You may actually have to take the time to put together an offer and put up a buy button. Crazy, I know, but it's true. And seriously, if I managed to "sell" something that didn't exist with the worst imaginable presentation, I trust you can do a whole lot better than that!
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