how about this for newbie confidence?

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My name has now changed from lesb, thank the heavens someone.

Thanks to all who answered my first post and gave me confidence to do my second, which is here.

I have watched you all for two months and this place is magic.

As I said before my brain is swimming with info and I want to be a IM, what do I do?

I have 3 domain names parked at Sedo, (don't know how to do an afflink if I had one), in two months I've spent $100 and earned 0.04euro lol.

To see if I will ever become a "GURU" give me a chance at this idea.

If I did a WSO (see I even know what that is), and asked you to pay me £1 (thats nearly double the US rate) to show you how to make more than 0.04euro in two months will you please just reply to this thread with the word "click".

Sunday 31st Aug at 7pm England, UK, GB, Sheffield time, I will count your click's and tell you all how much I would have made i.e. one click reply = £1 (thats more than a $1)

I will then let you all know how much I would have made and let you into my secret "How to make you more than 0.004euro in two months".

I can't write things, don't even know where to put a comma, but laugh and the whole world will laugh with you or buy your stuff when you have some to sell and become a rich "GURU".

Only need £300 a month.

Give me a chance.
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