Being Successful with Your Own Product On ClickBank

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Has anyone that has posted a product on Clickbank gotten affiliates rather quickly to help promote your product? Any ideas or major tips to follow when putting a product on CB? I'm interested in different experiences people have had. Thanks!
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    You won't get affiliates just by putting your product on Clickbank. You might
    pick up one or two out of luck. But if you want to get a ton of affiliates,
    you have to go out and get them.

    Clickbank is no magic bullet. I have 6 products with them and can count my
    affiliates on one hand. Fortunately, I can sell my stuff on my own.
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      john reese's traffic secrets 2.0 is great for finding affiliates and teaching them how to sell is the best I have see so far.

      he has one whole cd that is dedicated to the process.

      But I say if you have a good quality product and you know some of the big wigs in your niche you will get tons and tons of affiliates.

      I am in several niches where Affiliates actually hunt for me and my cool is that!

      Once you get to this level you are set. But it is a bit or hard work.

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        But it is a bit or hard work.
        Hi Celente,

        Good morning! =)

        There will definitely be work and lots of it. Ask any Internet marketers and you will find out they have been working really hard for the last 10 to 15 years or even more.

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          hi jhongren,

          I didn't do much for the first few years...sitting on thy ass does nothing for your busienss.

          hmm fancy that! LOL.

          But now I make a very handsome amount each month but boy o boy do you have to work at it.

          On any given month I might make in between 10k - 15k and I am not saying that to brag infact I am embarrassed to say the least. It should be twice that because I now take business more seriously than I did before.

          But getting back to the question, clickbank deserves a lot of thankyou from me. Without and without learning alot about selling using clickbank I would not have earned a red cent.

          Again you need to get affiliates yourself. THEN :-

          1) show them you have a quality product

          2) show them the best way to advertise your product so they can capture the most amount of sales.

          I once asked mike filsaime ...."damn dude how do you get so many sales!"

          I was expected a big fully fledged complex answer....but here is what I got


          simple.....but works like a CHAMP!

          Hope this helps somewhat


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            I just got my first product approved through Clickbank today, and am hoping for big success.

            I've been fortunate enough to partner with someone with a lot of experience and a lot of connections, so I'm hoping for a lot of affiliates.

            The funny thing is the partner found me after watching one of my videos on YouTube that talked about my upcoming product. That just goes to show the power of video in internet marketing.

            Wish me luck!
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            You won't get affiliates just by putting your product on Clickbank. You might
            pick up one or two out of luck. But if you want to get a ton of affiliates,
            you have to go out and get them.
            That's not entirely true. Clickbank can actually be a great place to get affiliates out of nowhere.

            One of my partners and I actually had a product/membership site ranked #1 for recurring products in one of the categories for a few months. That alone generated a fair amount of affiliates that would typically not only get sales each day, but it was probably responsible for thousands of opt-ins to our mailing list. Even a few months after we stopped doing promos, we were still growing our list steadily usually at 150 to 250 subscribers a day (sometimes substantially more).

            That was one reason why we picked Clickbank, as their affiliate base is huge and it can pick up new affiliates without recruiting. Even though the downside usually is a much higher merchant fee and typically more refunds compared to other merchants, the trade off I think was well worth it.

            I also have other Clickbank products that didn't rank nearly as well there but still took on a few affiliates here and there, but that's because the niches were more unique with less options.

            Here are a few tips if you're looking to use Clickbank:

            1. Make it easy for possible affiliates to see how much they can earn (treat the description of your site as an ad for affiliates).

            2. Have the site/product look as professional as possible.

            3. Try to target your sub-categories wisely (less competitive ones can give you an edge if you can rank better there).

            4. If you're doing smaller niches, try to target keywords in your ad and title unique to your smaller niche so that you can get those oddball affiliates looking to promote stuff in your same niche and so that they can easily find you.

            5. Promote your own product using your own affiliate link -- it can help your site rank higher for one of the searches that potential affiliates can use when searching for products in the different sub-categories.

            6. Have an opt-in form on your sales page if you can. Affiliates can general a lot of traffic to your sites, but it's sometimes of a lesser quality than most JV partners you'll seek out, so the leads might need more follow up before they purchase and you can build an awesome list on autopilot if done right.

            7. Consider using them for membership sites, as it's easier to rank well for "recurring" commissions than the general one, yet a lot of affiliates are interested in recurring payments and do seek those types of sites out.

            8. Make it super easy for customers and visitors alike to sign up as an affiliate. "Small time" affiliates might not bring in a ton of traffic alone, but when you add up several of them together, it adds up fast.

            Take care,

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  • Take a look at this:

    ClickBank PayDay

    I think this is like the bible of selling on clickbank
    "The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do"
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