As an affiliate marketer, is business insurance necessary?

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Title says it all.
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    Obviously we aren't lawyers here and can't give legal advice...but generally I would suggest that it's not necessary.

    But it depends on the type of affiliate marketing you do. Can you be more specific?

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  • I think it won't hurt to have business insurance especially if you live in a state/country where there are lots of litigation. I live in California and my business advisor suggested me to get business insurance asap. There have been several affiliate marketers sued by state of California and they didn't have enough money to pay lawyers.
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      As an affiliate, you are basically an independent commission sales rep. Depending on your niche market and the products you promote, you may want to sit down with a commercial insurance pro to see if an Errors and Omissions policy would be in your best interest.

      If you're running your business as a sole proprietor, talk to your regular insurance person about an umbrella liability policy. These are often very inexpensive.

      Is business insurance required? Probably not.

      Is it a good idea? Maybe. Get a professional opinion.
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    In my point of view business insurance is securing process for affiliate marketing so business insurance is necessary for your business and i also recommend that you should concern with your business lawyer.
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