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I just read an excellent blog post by Joe Konrath and thought I'd post a link to it here for those who have not seen it.

A couple of interesting points from his blog post:
  • In the past 7 days, he has made $15,000 from his Kindle sales
  • In the past 60 hours, he has sold 2,200 ebooks in the US, and had over 400 borrows.
  • His best selling ebooks--The List, Origin, Trapped, Endurance, Shot of Tequila--which have sold over 600,000 copies, were rejected by publishers.

He also gave some excellent tips about how to sell more books which included:
Publishing more books, using KDP Select, and cultivating fans (which I like to call building an author "brand")

If you want to read the entire blog post, here it is.
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    Joe is great, I've been following him for year,

    "Use KDP Select to make your ebooks free. I suggest using all five days at once. The more ebooks you give away, the higher the bounceback."

    but I kinda disagree with that bid...

    Do you want to become an Amazon Best Selling Author?
    Then you need to look like one - check out how I help authors build a better brand and sell more books.

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    If that's not a testament to KDP and Amazon I don't know what is. Excellent article.
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