Whether people still clicking the ads?

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I have many websites, using adsense, clickbank products and Amazon too. But in the recent times, ad clicking among the US traffic seems less. They might understand the difference between ads and non affiliate links.

Whether everyone is getting same experience or still big adsense boys there.
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    I think in general people are clicking less and less. Its why you see more bloggers getting creative by disguising ads.
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  • disguising ads is always what you have to do. no one clicks an ad out of there own free will no more than you do.
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    People are definitely clicking less. Mostly because they are tired of pop up ads, spam. Try reducing number of the ads on your site, and place them strategically also promote only really valuable products.

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    I do think the less savvy click on ads... but there are people who get ad blind with time, and thus, in some niches, the ad clicks can be a lot lower than you'd expect.

    With decent plugins like AdBlock — and again, the more savvy people would have these installed — you won't see most ads (I don't, for instance, see any ads on WF).
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