What Do You Do When Warriors Don't Pay?

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Hi Warriors!

Ok, question: what do you do when Warriors don't pay?

I think one of the main benefits of being a Warrior and the WSO section is that we get access to top-notch products and services at cut-rate prices. Maybe the product is new, or at the testing stage... Or maybe a Warrior needs some immediate cash or needs testimonials... For whatever reason, we get some great stuff for great prices.

But what do you do when Warriors don't pay? Either the product is stolen or someone doesn't pay for a service after it's already been rendered?

As a copywriter, I'm thinking specifically of services. (And because I know that when it comes to products, the solution involves download and password protection of your products.) At the moment, I know of a fellow Warrior here who did some work for other Warriors at cut-rate prices. (No, it's not me, seriously.)

And now they've decided not to pay. (And no, don't ask me who or what the services were because that's entirely beside the point.)

I know we don't want to bash anyone here or hang out dirty laundry in public. But if a Warrior didn't ask for any payment in advance, what recourse do they have?

This is a great forum and I think we need to respect other Warriors. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual. I'm a bit disgusted at the moment (on behalf of my fellow Warrior friend) with a couple of other Warriors here.

What would you do? (Other than send repeated e-mails, of course.)

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    Michelle, you have the person who was not delivered the service, contact
    the admins here.

    I don't know if it's a Warrior issue unless it involves a WSO, but you can still
    try to see if something can be done by the powers that be.
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      I told the person they had the choice of paying or I would own the rights to it, and by doing that I would sell it as a wso. They found the money and paid within 24 hours. And because the services was for writing and a hot niche, I knew I could sell it to 20 warriors as PLR without a problem.
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        Thanks for the responses, guys. I appreciate it. My Warrior friend is watching this too. I wanted to help out and we appreciate your suggestions!

        "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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          Depends upon how much. I have these total lunatics who would happily fly over and mangle people just for the fun of it and a cut of the money. And the interest rates levied would make a loan shark blush.
          Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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            I would just make sure you got the money upfront that way there is no disputes after.
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              I would just make sure you got the money upfront that way there is no disputes after.
              I don't think that it is always that simple when it comes to writing copy.

              There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people – one or the other can turn up on either side of any transaction.

              Pay up front and get poor quality or nothing at all (a bad consumer experience).

              Provide content and receive no remuneration (a bad copywriter’s experience).

              Perhaps staged payments are the answer, although I accept even that is difficult using the Internet, without the services of a third party. On the other hand, there probably is no answer.

              "Protect yourself at all times" springs to mind - if you’ve ever stepped into a boxing ring. Outside of that however, few of us do.

              Just my thoughts.

              Jeff Henshaw.
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                  next time please try to use escrow services by freelance sites...
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