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I need you opinnion on something. Currently I'm selling a product via and made a fairly good income (200$/week). The things I've done to increase the coversions as much as possible.
  • Matched the orderform header
  • Made the landing page informative, clear and added screenshots

However, I was thinking about adding a redirection page to the order form. So instead of
my site ---> clickbank
you get
my site --> "You are being redirect to... [screenshot] secure, ssl, etc" --> clickbank

do any one you guys know if this increases conversions or just is an annoying extra step (or 5s wait) ?
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    Annoying third step.... Tried it.... Dropped sales by 2.08%
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    I would avoid it. Whenever I click a link, I watch my address bar. If it's going straight to a site that I want, I'm okay with it. If I click a link and get redirected through 4/5 different tracking agencies, I'll close the tab instantly.

    I think you'd be wrong to add a redirection page. They've clicked a "buy now" button already, they're going to pay! There's no point potentially making it look like spam by adding in a redirection page, it's just more wasted time from the user and, like ishanr said, will drop your sales.

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      I agree with others, avoid it.
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    Originally Posted by Jamie Gould View Post

    They've clicked a "buy now" button already, they're going to pay!
    Do you know what average proportion of first-time visitors to the order page actually pay, Jamie? I'm afraid it isn't as you suggest here, at all. You can perhaps see this in your own account, really, from the disparity between order-form impressions and order-form submissions?

    Originally Posted by TallyDon View Post

    do any one you guys know if this increases conversions or just is an annoying extra step (or 5s wait) ?
    One very professional vendor whose product I promote as an affiliate has found that it does increase his overall conversions (and I can well understand why it might, much as you evidently do, yourself, to be asking about this).

    I discovered this only by contacting him to ask why he'd made this change.

    But there are a couple of people posting above who say the opposite, and one of them has apparently tested it. You often have to test things for yourself, and that's usually the "moral of the story" with these conversations!

    I also see vendors giving a screenshot/explanation of the order-page on the sales page itself, which also makes sense to me, and that's presumably something else to test, too?
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      I'd have to agree with Alexa in that the only way you will truly know for yourself is if you test it, but definitely don't do it without split-testing.

      What you may want to try instead or in addition to split-testing the 5 second delay page is adding some security elements and trust statements to the header image of your customized ClickBank order form.

      Here's an example...
      02.23.2013-10.12.17 - ClickScoop's library

      Or, even better test both and let us know what you find.
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  • I would split test it first

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    You're adding an unnecessary hop.

    Makes absolutely no sense.

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