How Much Is Your Time Worth?

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This is a simple question that I always ask to new entrepreneurs.

How greatly do you value your time?

Most people ask the question what is your ROI?

Meaning what is your return on investment?

The better (and more important) question to ask in my opinion is What is your ROT?

Meaning what is your return on time?

Here's the truth: Time is your greatest asset and we only get a limited amount of it.

Every single human only has 24 hours in a day.

The successful people know how to efficiently use that time in the most worthwhile way.

What I'm saying is focus on doing things that are more important and will effect your bottomline and focus on outsourcing the minimal tasks which usually suck up all of your time.

How greatly do you value your time?
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    Yes, I agree.

    You need definite goals, time scales, as well as answering the why you desire something and how you will obtain it.

    The Goals book by Brian Tracy goes over this...a read I would suggest you all have a look at!
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    As a freelancer time management is a very important part of my working day. And without managing my time it would be extremely difficult to know how much to charge my clients.

    Although i often take on jobs because they push the boundaries of my skills and give me valuable experience. For me this counts as money in the bank.
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    Time is valuable. If you are not careful, it is very easy to waste it. Setting goals and schedules are vital.
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    Depends on what my time is being used for. 5 hours spent with my family at a weekend basketball tournament is priceless. 5 hours writing my next auto responder sequence to provide my leads quality content, is priceless. 5 hours sitting in a board meeting for my day job is not worth a penny : )

    Time is something we can never get back. You can always make money in this business. Don't let your greed take away from those moments you can spend with your loved ones. You never get these back.
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    Time is worth more than anything. Too many people I know waste it or have wasted it. Even when people think they are efficient it’s human tendency to spend more than enough (i.e., than what’s needed) on any given task.

    Have a beginning, have an end, and make the best use of the middle!
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    $450 per hour... next question?
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    Its like watching the movie IN TIME. Just had some valuable insights from that movie. The value of time depends also on the perspective of every person. Some person may value time with family as more than time in the office or any client. But I believe that time is a very luxurious commodity and it must not be wasted.

    But if you'd ask me how much my time would worth... it would depend on the value of the work.
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  • What you do with your time should give value. Whether it's spending time with your family or with work, don't waste your time with things that don't enrich your life.
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