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Okay I've been using some free traffic generation methods but I haven't been getting any consistent traffic to my site.

Does anyone have a free traffic generation blueprint or can anyone point me towards a free traffic generation wso or product that can give me daily steps or a blueprint that I can follow. I think what I need is a step by step plan or blueprint I can follow so that I can get some consistent results.
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    It depends how long you have been doing the free methods for.

    Free methods take time to build large amounts of traffic. Some take week, months and years to establish.

    Just take Your time and keep working at it.

    It will only get better with hard work and time.
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    You can't actually expect to get a step by step plan on how to get traffic by free methods. Just think about it, if any such thing really existed, wouldn't every marketer just buy that blueprint instead of spending chunks of money on advertising?

    Moreover, traffic sources vary from niche to niche. You might even find someone who can give you good advice with regards to finding good sources of free traffic, but the method which he/she used worked well for their particular niche, and it won't, necessarily, work likewise for you. Plus, the internet is an ever-changing landscape, and what works right now, may not even have any value in the next few hours. So, I suggest that you try to pin point where your target market hangs out on the internet, and figure out how you can use those places to lead them to your site.

    What works every time is the offering of quality advice and helpful suggestions. As long as you're helping people, your words will start getting valued a lot more, and sales will just follow. Not to mention, word of mouth will also become a source of traffic for you.
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    Just repeating what other people have mentioned earlier... What works for one person may not work for you.

    The only way is to try each method yourself and record your results. Afterwards ramp up the traffic methods that are doing well - and discard the ones that give you little results.
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    I know this may take more time than you might be looking to spend but it is effective. When I had no money at all this is what I did:

    I set up a blog about a niche topic that was selling well on Clickbank. The first time I did this the game Mafia Wars was really popular on Facebook. I then set up a Google Alert to send me an email any time something hit Google about Mafia Wars. At the end of the day I had about 100+ alerts. I would then spend 2+ hours per night posting replies to articles or participating in discussions on message boards about Mafia Wars and always find a way to provide a link to my blog. The blog was very basic but it was exactly what people were looking for - tips and tricks about how to win the game. I only had one affiliate product and that was an ebook about how to cheat at the game. With this method I was able to drive 100 - 200 clicks a day to my page and sometimes make 3 - 4 sales (but 1 - 2 was the average). Although it wasn't a ton of money it was something and the traffic truly was "free" if you didn't count the time I spent making my posts.

    Good luck!
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      Just to add to some of the valid points above, you'll possibly get some useful feedback and more specific ideas and suggestions if you tell us what niche, business, or service you're looking to enhance with free traffic. Being vague will get you nowhere.
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    * Write articles and submit your articles to article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, etc

    * Create Squidoo lenses and drive targeted traffic to your pages.

    * Create a Blogger blog and post your articles before submitting them to the article directories. Post there links to your sales pages.

    * Build an email list by giving away a free ebook at the end of your articles, in your resource box, and send email messages to your list with information and offers.
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      Originally Posted by clever7 View Post

      * Write articles and submit your articles to article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, etc

      * Create Squidoo lenses and drive targeted traffic to your pages.

      * Create a Blogger blog and post your articles before submitting them to the article directories. Post there links to your sales pages.

      * Build an email list by giving away a free ebook at the end of your articles, in your resource box, and send email messages to your list with information and offers.
      MMM - I wouldn’t recommend this.

      For one… a blogger blog is risky - a blog hosted on your own domain is much better.

      Posting the same article from your site to ezinearticles won’t work because, although you won’t run into duplicate content issues, they still want unique content. And you’ll get a trickle of traffic at best.

      It is essential to build an email list, but I’d do that with another traffic method other than the one listed above - which method(s) depend(s) on the niche.
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    Some of the most popular free traffic methods are:

    1. Posting quality content in a relevant forum, with a link in your signature
    2. Blog comments and guest blogging
    3. Article marketing

    All of these techniques can generate a lot of traffic, and a lot of successful people on this forum use them. It is imperative to give great content in all cases though, that's what will make people want to continue on to your site.
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    There are many different ways to drive traffic to your website and you will want to stay focus on mastering one method at a time.

    One thing that I have realized is that what works for one person does not mean that it will work for another person. This mean that you will need to test it out so that you will know the methods that work for you.

    For most of the Free method, Consistency in taking action is the key to getting consistent stream of traffic back to the website.
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    Actually lots of ways -
    Yahoo Answer
    Squidoo Lens
    Bookmarking sites

    Check out this youtube video. I think it will help more.
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    There are many ways. A quick and simple answer is "Social marketing" this will give you nice backlinks and get you the traffic you need for your website.

    I have "Job Loads" of Work for you to Make Money off $.$

    Visit Job Loads I can't explain it, you need to see for yourself

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    Here is a blueprint to get free high quality traffic:

    Part one - Create content on your site
    1. Write super-amazing blog posts (2000+ words) full of very useful information so people would actually comment and tweet/like out of gratitude.

    Part Two - Market your awesome content
    You can create awesome stuff all you want, but if no one reads it, there's no point.
    1. Post useful answers in a related forum with your site in the signature
    2. Leave extremely helpful comments on related sites
    3. Write truly great and helpful guestposts on related sites.
    4. Have a opt-in form in place (single box opt-in is best) to retain that huge amount of traffic you will be getting.

    Forget everything else and follow these steps and in a few months you will be golden.

    My journey to 1000 subscribers: Detailed Success - Traffic -> Subscribers -> Sales

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    Free methods is how a lot of people (myself included) started out. It does take time but if you do it correctly with good backlinking on the right sites targeting the keywords you are looking for, you'll get an exponential growth on your results! Keep at it and you'l reap the rewards.
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    Doing things "free" is a truly great way to learn about online promotions. But after some time passes, you will eventually discover that after your apprenticeship is over, you'll want to find things that work quicker. You'll learn to outsource and pay for traffic. In the end you'll use a combination of all methods. And THAT's what works, when done correctly.
    Here's a unique 100% FREE book about the best online business models. No strings attached. Enjoy!
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    Time you checked out the IM Competitive Edge.
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    My personal free traffic trifecta is Press Releases, Yahoo Answers, and Forums. A combination of all three in specific niche markets consistently will get you traffic. I speak of first hand experiences with this. But in my case I focused on niche markets and peripherals in those markets in order to turn around and re-sell the higher tickets


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