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My next site will have a 5 word address---if I create an easier url, with just the initials of the domain, forward it to the actual web domain, what does that do to the relation of my back links if they are a mixture of the domain name and the forwarded domain name? Does it hurt or does it make no difference since the final destination is the website on the 5 word domain?
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  • Good question Julia,

    If you are asking what will happen to existing backlinks that you have now, as long as you create a redirect for any URL that may no longer be available once you change the domain name, your backlinks will be fine. If you are asking what will happen to future backlinks that you create, these should be fine as well.
    That being said, it also depends on how you set up your redirects. Just forwarding the URL (such as using a feature from within a web host control panel to forward a domain name) may not be adequate. You need to let search engines know that the resource at the address has changed permanently and search engines will pass along link authority to the other domain (if that is what you need). If your server supports use of a configuration file (like .htaccess) then you can put your redirect directives in there.

    Remember that if you change your URL’s so that existing backlinks are affected, it is wise to redirect like pages to like pages. For instance don’t just redirect every page to the home page.

    Here is a good tutorial from Google about moving your site. I know you aren’t moving your site but a lot of the principles apply,
    Moving your site - Webmaster Tools Help

    Here is a good writeup on configuring a .htaccess file,

    Redirect to a Different URL using .htaccess:*Web Site Maintenance:*Tools and Guides:*IU Webmaster:*Indiana University

    Hope that helps,

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      Link authority is more the goal---neither the site nor the forward url exists as yet. When the site is built, I would be giving the shorter url to some link sources and the longer one to others. I was wondering if the links to the site carried the same authority as the ones being redirected through the shorter url. And if it makes any difference in the backlink count to the website.
      Thanks for your response above.
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