Is it a good idea to put "prices" in your pre-sell page?

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Hey guys, I just need an opinion please. Do you think it's a good idea to put a prices of what your trying to promote in your pre-sell website?

For example, if you were promoting product ABC and put something like:

"Hey, you don't need to pay $100 dollars to solve this problem, ABC only costs <u>$28</u> dollars. You can get it here."

Or is it a bad idea to put prices on your pre-sell website as this might drive potential buyers away?

Which do you think is a better for conversions?

Thank you.
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    Try testing both options. First week, test with the price, next week without. Look at your stats to see which converts better. If you have fewer than 100 visitors/month, this will be tough going. Make sure you have the traffic before split testing.

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      Not having prices on a sales page is one of my pet peeves. I wont buy if someone tries to hide the price from me.

      I know the theory, it makes them click on the order button to find out what the prices is and this increases sales. Maybe so, maybe I'm just weird, but it sure annoys me.

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        With my newest membership site I do use the price in the pre-sell because it is less than $10 a month. That is one of it's features.
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          I'm glad you posted this issue, because I'm in the same dilemma....

          however, i'm trying to promote affiliate products and they're kind of pricey.

          i don't want to scare them off, yet i agree to some extent, that's it's good to let the customer know prior.

 in my case, i don't want to scare them off with the price, yet don't want them to freak out once they have clicked through either ??

          One thing though, is that this product is as such, that you'd have to be pretty naive to expect it to be just a few dollars anyway - so maybe I have that one thing going for me.

          kind of a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' scenario...hmmmm

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