How's your life/work/family/happiness balance

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If this posts helps just one person, it will be worth writing.

I've been online since 2001 and have done very well. In the last 13 years, I've sold over 4 million dollars worth of my products and services.

More importantly, I've helped my clients sell multiple millions more.

BUT... even with the success... the one thing I continue to struggle with
is finding the right work/life balance.

Even after 13 years, I still find myself working 12 hours days, just
because I enjoy it.

That is, until recently.

I noticed my work was taking up more and more of my time and energy.

Because of that, my wife and kids were getting less and less of my time.

But more importantly, less and less of my happiness... the happy ME.

I was letting my work and business take up most of my time... and because of a few troubling clients, it was also taking away a lot of my happiness.

Happiness that SHOULD have been spent on my wife and kids.

Just the other day, it struck me that i was giving SO much of my time
and energy to clients I didn't really know, live with, or have any real
connection with.

Yet, my wife and kids would get the leftovers.

I thought to myself "how the hell can my wife and kids get less of me, when
clients that I've never met and certainly don't live it... they get more of my time, energy, and effort.

It made no sense at all.

So now, my goal is to balance everything out more, so that my clients and business get equal energy, time, and effort as my wife and kids.

Actually, the scale will be tipped in my family's favor.

sure, it will take better time management skills and a real focus on doing JUST
what needs to be done. But if the payoff is that my wife and kids get more of me, and a happier me, it's well worth it.

So I ask, are you spending too much of your time and energy on your
business... and not enough on those you care about?

If so, maybe it's time to work towards a better balance. I'll be with you, in my journey to do the same thing.

After all, when my time on earth here is done, i'm sure that I won't be thinking about all the hours I put in, all the money i made, or all the clients i worked with.

nope, i'm sure i'll be wishing i had spent more time and energy on my family and less on my business.

so, i'm starting that now.
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    That's why it's way better to make a passive income online. More time to get out there and do stuff.
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    I'm also all work and no play, but I'm hoping it will be for the better future. By working hard a few years I hope to get to a point where I only work when I feel like it, spend more time with my kids and travel the world.

    How about some FREE unique handwritten articles for your website, blog, SEO, guest posts, etc?

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      I was thinking the same last night, 14 to 18 hours a day for me.

      My parents are getting older, I come home from the office my food is cooked I eat, I go up to my room & work some more - this is pretty selfish but as someone mentioned above I rather put straight hours into work right now & then things can slow down a little I've seen many people say this "hey I'll make a few million then I'll just sit on it" it never happens, money is like a drug you keep wanting more and more I hope I don't end up like that tbh & I give my family most of my time keeping them first rather than last.
      Stay Humble
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    Work hard now ... Reap the benefits later (doesn't pat Flynn say something like that)

    Balance is something I am always striving to improve

    But for me, it's mostly between business and lifting/eating.
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      As much as I like my job....end of the day it is just a job. I'm getting married in 5 months and my fiancee an I are currently in the process of buying our first house, (I'm 29, she is 25). I can't wait to have some amazing times with the future Mrs Harvey. When I'm in work I work hard and enjoy what I do (Online Marketing Specialist) Although I am certainly one of those people that thinks life is too short, so I do what I need to do - even doing that little bit extra when needed, no problem! But I would not get myself into a situation where my work has consumed me and I literally have no time to enjoy life.
      I earn a comfortable income and between my fiancee's income I would say that for our age we are earning more than the average. We have enough money to go away when we want or to go out for a meal/cinema/night out at least once a week.

      I understand people that want to work hard now in order to enjoy life at a later stage but I'm very much a 'You could get hit by a bus tomorrow' sort of person. Enjoy life AND work hard! You never know what might happen.
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    I had a choice working away from my family and long hours or working at home and long hours, I took the second option. At the moment that means a drop in income and a lot of hard work but hopefully the seeds I'm sowing now will give me more time away from the desk later.
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    Well, still working on a normal job, and try to do the IM stuff beside... but I need my free time for hobbies and family... but that's why it's not growing the end it's a question of what is more important to you... to me it's definitely also having free time with my kid, doing sports... so I accept to be a little slower as others....
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  • Aristotle defined a virtue as a balance point between a deficiency and an excess of a trait.

    Basically, the secret to happiness is to keep a sensible balance between all the defining aspects of your life (work, family, health, free time, etc).
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