Best Ezines/Article Directories for 2013?

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Hi Warriors,

I just wanted to quickly check to see the current consensus on the best Ezines and article directories for 2013? I know things have tilted a little so if you're having a good experience with any please share!

For Ezines, I don't know if this list is still accurate: Ezine Directories Top 20: The pick of the best ezine directories on the Net

I used to submit to:

Ezine Articles
Go Articles
Article Base
Article Alley
Article City

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    The very best ezines and article directories are not likely to be found on a general list. They may not even be called 'directories'. And they will be different for every market.

    The very best ezines and content collections will be targeted to the people you want to reach. The best directories will be focused on providing content within a narrow niche.

    I still post content to EzineArticles because many up and coming publishers will still look there for content and the time/effort is minimal.

    It's like mining for gold. You can spend your time in the stream, shoulder to shoulder with the other fortune hunters panning for specks of color. Or you can spend your time looking for a rich vein you can almost have to yourself. Your choice...
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      The "best" (perhaps the "only"?) ezines for you are ezines in your niche.

      For article directories, I still submit to Ezine Articles (and occasionally to one other article directory). There's no gain from submitting to multiple article directories, really. No point in trying to use them for their own backlinks or as a traffic-source (neither was ever their purpose, of course, and these days they can't benefit marketers in those ways, either).

      I do still benefit from using Ezine Articles, though.
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    I think is a very good article directory with PR4 and 6,958 Alexa rank. You can add it in your list of best directories too.
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      Originally Posted by Larry Leggett View Post

      I think is a very good article directory with PR4
      That's the PR of its own home page, Larry. That isn't where your articles are published.

      Your articles there are published on newly-formed pages which have no page rank, just as they are in any article directory.

      At the next page rank update after your article's published, it'll change from PR "n/a" to PR-0.

      Ezine Articles' own home page is PR-6 but that has nothing to do with why professional article marketers are submitting their articles there. Our articles there are on PR-0 pages, as they are in any directory.

      Websites don't "have page ranks". Only pages have page ranks.
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    Hey nice thread, a subject very close to my heart.

    In the beginning there was only EzineArticles. Their purpose was to give people the opportunity to become authors and become published online.
    The article marketing craze kicked in and started hi-jacking the whole setup. Folks started writing average (at best) quality articles and linking to clickbank products etc... then the automation kicked in. Spinners and spammers ruled the roost. A bunch of IM folks trying to get as much free traffic as possible. And for a time, having some success.
    Big G and the other big sites hate anyone getting free traffic however - in normal business you must pay for advertising. Article marketing was the freeloader's way to sell a few ebooks etc.
    Google has struck back at article marketers lately however, with all the hits to page ranks of article directories, so article marketing, or "bum marketing" as it was known, has been severely hammered. And rightly so.
    I think it is important for people to be able to write informative articles and get them published without necessarily being lumped in with all the spinners and spammers of the 2005-2012 era.
    Anyway, that's just my thoughts. On my own article website I try to provide a stimulating yet relaxed environment where serious writers can be productive and happy.
    I just try to provide a place for writers to do what they enjoy doing. And I certainly don't make any money from it lol.

    When you find yourself going through hell, keep going!!

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    I post often in and frequently on some others mentioned along with and (ofcourse) . One publishing site not mentioned yet is which has an alexa ranking of 276 last time I looked and moving up. Very high authority and although it is not free you can promote any business you want or any product. With the freedom to put in as many links as you think are necessary in your article. It also has training on how to get targeted traffic included.
    I have had some very good traffic come from this source, far worth the $25 to join.
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      I would say...

      If you only want to build a natural linking structure, drop your articles in the directories.

      They have NO OTHER PURPOSE, apart from that.

      No traffic.

      No PR juice.

      No syndication benefit.

      Ask anyone who posts there regularly and you will know.

      But yes, those no-follow links do matter anyway! So keep submitting your articles over there.
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    If you are looking for traffic or PR juice, article directories are USELESS.

    But yes, to build a natural backlink structure, you can still use article marketing.

    And no, in case you are wondering, though article directories have been made for syndication, they hardly help you in that purpose.

    One thing, if you really want to market via your articles, contact the private e-Zine owners and offer them your articles for FREE.

    That's it.
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