What Happen To Click Bank?

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hey fellow warriors,

What happen to click bank?... total over haul, ummm little bit confusing.. looks like they had consulting from DIGG.. executives..lol

Umm... seven 7 years in marketing and SEO and I find it a little confusing now..

What happen to the market place ??...

what is your opinion... ???

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    Now you can only see the marketplace after you log into your ClickBank account.

    I think the new design is great though you may feel a little confusing at first.
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    Yes...but i aleady got used to the new UI
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    Hi everyone,

    Everything is changing so clickbank too!

    We should get used to it now

    All the best

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    Personally I like the change. I think it makes their site look more professional overall. Hopefully after you adapt to the change you'll like it.
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    About 5 years ago I was on the verge of entering the CPA world and I ran some guru based vacation weird offer and made some bucks as the offer was ran thru Click Bank. Man it was totally different than it is now. It seems very odd and rookie info based. That was the first place I logged into and it is WAK. I am entering the world again, this time much more mature and knowledgeable ...One thing is for sure, I wont be using them! Wow my first post ever in the warrior forum!!!
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    Many courses will have to redo their how-to videos about Clickbank...
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    They went the corporate route. It seems they want to attract more of the "brendon burchard prototypical customer" than any other kind.

    Probably something they had to do to make it look attractive to prospective buyers of the company should they decide to sell.

    It looks good. They even sell stuff of their own now! lol

    As long as they direct deposit my commissions on time every week, I don't care if they put a pink dress on. As long as I get my money!! hahaha

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    I guess design has never been Clickbank's hot subject. It looks like what it is, a standard Wordpress site.

    At least the poor dog with the club foot has gone.
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    I actually like the new design.. alot cleaner
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    The new design is really not very nice to use at all! But I suppose thats what everyone said when Facebook swapped things up.

    We'll get used to it =D
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    Personally, I think it is a great improvement over the old, out-dated, shoddy looking site.

    The new site is very clean, less cluttered, with lots of white space. It is ten times easier to navigate than before (once you get used to the new navigation menus).

    They obviously hired a professional design firm as the new site reflects modern usability studies and current web development trends.

    I like the fact that the old market place is now hidden to non-members too.

    I like it.
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    It takes time but you will get used to it .I didn`t like it at first but now do.

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    So many courses were teaching people how to do clickbank research by studying the marketplace section so they went private
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    As long as they pay me on time they can look like they want.
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    Clickbank is easy to use which is a nice perk but not always easy to attract affiliates with. I've worked with people who thought they'd get instant affiliates once they posted to Clickbank. That's only true if you've sold enough products to make it to the first page and your commission is attractive.
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    I love the latest design of clickbank.
    Maybe you're confused with the latest because you are not use to it.
    But I'm sure that you'll be loving the UI of clickbank someday.
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    Just to confirm my UK based payment did arrive on time as scheduled!
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    Mostly switched to Clicksure, better conversions, better company, better everything. Just have a few things left on CB and can't wait to be completely off that network .
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      I'm lucky - I'm new to CB so only have to deal with the "new" design.

      Seems ok to me, but I have nothing to compare it to.
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        The design is a lot more professional,it looked a little cheap skate before!

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    The new site looks good, I don't blame CB for changing it up it looks more professional now.

    All those courses now have to be updated lol.
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    From my seminars people use to tell me that when they seen a product sometimes they'd go and see if it was on ClickBank first, I've done it before myself; so I can imagine that ClickBank did it to maybe increase sales for the vendors in the form of stopping people from peeping in. They probably see is it a valuable, lucrative choice to close the general public out to protect the sellers. Because I'm sure it wasn't a site that was getting a good return on people buying directly from the market place. Also maybe they feel like it's a better idea to be a membership site where you have to sign up to see everything (feels exclusive) which most consumers wouldn't do at all.

    Either way it goes ClickBank is awesome and the new interface is more efficient for what they are trying to do, or dare I say more grown up which hopefully they can attract an additional type of product maker (just a thought).

    Daniel Brown - PAL

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    From Digg.. LMAO.. I don't even understand how digg works now. Just go there and paste a link. Who knows what happens to it...

    but I like the new look. Takes some getting use to. CJ also cleaned up their look a little...

    Guess it's an unspoken shift going on around the industry
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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