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Guys, anyone with experience, please help me with my sticking point !
I write fiction, but i find it hard to come up with keywords for my books when I upload them on kindle. (fiction)
Its easier to think of keywords for non-fiction book, but how would you go about finding the keywords for your fiction book. Lets say it was a apocalyptic zombie book.

Would example be: Zombie book, apocalyptic, etc?

Kind regards
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    You are on the right track.

    One thing you can do is look in the google keyword tool to find other keywords people use to search for those types of books and also type it into the bar at the top of Amazon and see what keyword phrases it fills in.
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      Oki doki. Thank you for giving your advice!
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        Well, I haven't used this for Kindle/Amazon but I search for Zombie fiction (like there's Zombie non-fiction:p) in Podcasts under anything I might find it under...mainly Zombie!
        You might want to try Walking Dead as that is so popular right now.
        Do you have Zombie stuff?
        There are some Zombie podcasts that have done very well. May want to consider as a promotional tool.
        A couple you may want to check out in fiction niche for podcasts;

        Zombie apocalypse Very Good Quality Production

        A very well done Vampire story

        May also want to target vampire, horror, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead,
        scary stories...just trying to think of things I've actually searched for.

        Hope this Helps...
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    There are a few things you can do when searching for Fiction keywords. To use your example of an apocalyptic zombie book:

    I'd use the Google Adwords Keyword's not Amazon but will still give you a great idea of what people are searching for. Here's some keywords using your example:

    zombie apocalypse books
    post apocalyptic zombie books
    zombie books
    best zombie books
    best zombie apocalypse books
    good zombie books
    zombie books 2012
    zombie horror books

    and there are many more.

    In addition, when you go to Amazon and do a Kindle search and start typing in "Zombie books", it gives you a bunch of other related suggestions as well.

    Hope that helps!
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    Pick up this book. There's a huge chapter devoted to promoting Kindle books using keywords.

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    check that out. maybe everyone knows about it or not... but i stumbled upon it and it is amazons explanation of fiction keywords working to rank in seeps of given categories

    i know this thread is a year old, but others may be finding it as they search this evergreen topic of fiction keywords. awesome

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    I use keyword discovery. Another good one is terapeak. Yeah, that is an excellent service. Google is blocking its tool now. Well, there we are.
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