Emails going RIGHT To Spam.... What Now?

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hey guys,

So I've optin in to my list with a couple of addresses. I log into one and 70% of my emails are in spam. Its actually some good content I'm giving, no aff links yet. But most of them are in spam. I'm using Aweber, what could I do to fix this??

Thanks in advance guys.
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    Hard to tell unless I could see what you have written. There are several word or phrases that will send an email to spam. What email are you using Google or Microsoft Office Outlook?
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    It could be words or phrases in your messages triggering the spam filters.

    It could be urls you are using in your messages that are triggering the spam filters.

    It could be that your domain or email address has been blacklisted because too many people have marked your emails as spam.

    In short, it could be a LOT of things.
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    Don't worry about it, aweber does it better than most.
    Never had a problem with it. I went through the same thing a few years ago,
    I wrote to aweber and when they signed in it wasn't a problem.

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  • So I thhink you should write to aweber about this issue and it should be resolved. Do let us know if this works out. It can be of help to others.
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    It could be a number of things:

    Poor IP reputation.

    Content is being flagged as spam.

    No RDNS configured, or it's configured incorrectly.

    Domain Keys (DKIM) is not configured or configured incorrectly.

    SPF is not enabled.

    I would start with the above first. Where are you sending the emails "from"?

    EDIT: I just noticed you said Aweber - I would get in touch with them to see if they can give you some insight. I'll leave the above info as it may be of some help to any others experiencing the same problems.

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    is the niche make money online? I'd imagine its their email provider filters certain spammed keywords automatically sending them to spam folders, I know Gmail is pretty good about keeping my inbox clear of spam, weather I opted into something or not
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    There should be a software to exempt the words treated as spam. Identify them. I'm really interested to know how Aweber excludes them.
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