Membership Site for £3000?

by taffie
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I need a membership site that functions well, I know of s2Member and Wishlist systems, I am against time, I just need someone to do it for me, found a guy who is quoting me £3000, would you think that sounds about right?

I mean for a membership site that provides online marketing courses sort of thing, you know?

What do you guys think?

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    I just sent you a PM regarding this , pls check

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      Don't give your budget for web development, I suggest you to use Kajabi to create your website (similar to optimize press, but is a platform, not a theme.), some of the biggest marketers are using this platform. I think it starts from $99 per month.

      The rest of the money invest in your coaching!

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        Thanks guys,I don't have 3 grand anyway, I thought I feels way too high, I don't think this guy is ready for business?
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        Originally Posted by AlexanderBeloev View Post

        Don't give your budget for web development, I suggest you to use Kajabi to create your website (similar to optimize press, but is a platform, not a theme.), some of the biggest marketers are using this platform. I think it starts from $99 per month.

        The rest of the money invest in your coaching!

        Best regards,
        Don't invest in web development, you can get plugins and themes for free. But don't invest in coaching, you can find free info, and sometimes better info.

        Invest in advertising, you can't get quality advertising for free, unless you work 8 hours a day promoting.

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    It depends what you need your membership site to do. There are simple and cheap options out there but most of them only offer you simple features. If you need something more complex then I would be recommending something different.

    So, what do you need the membership software to do and also what payment processor are you wanting to use with it?
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    It depends on what exactly you need done.

    If you need just a basic site developed and a membership system integrated, it can be done for a lot less.

    If you need customizations, content development, etc, it can easily cost that much and more.

    If you want better answers, give us more specifics.

    I recently developed a membership site that, in the end, cost about $10k. But that included extensive programming, video production, custom theme development, etc.
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    I wonder how many PMs you receive offering membership sites for 2k? lol.

    Honestly, a WP site with WishList would do the job, and shouldn't cost anywhere near 3k.

    For those recommending Kajabi, what happens when they close down and you lose your site and Google ranking? See Posterous to see how precarious it is building a business on someone else's platform. 15mill blogs are going to be shut down.

    Twitter to shut down Posterous blogging service on April 30 | News | TechRadar

    I'd recommend your own hosting, WP, WishList and find a good developer with a decent portfolio within your budget.
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    3k is too much, what are you looking for your membership script to do?
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    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      If you use wp, just google 'wordpress membership plugin'. It won't cost you 3k for sure. That again depends how sophisticate your memberhship sites need to be.
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    Taffie, you could look into setting up your own membership site. It's not really that hard to do. I personally have OptimizePress and DAP and find this is all I need to run pretty much any type of membership site.

    Buying both of these would not cost an arm and a leg, and you can set up some pretty comprehensive membership sites with both of these.

    If it is the technical side you worry about - both have pretty clear tutorials covering this.
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    That's a huge amount to set up a membership site. What's wrong with buying Wish List and hiring someone to set it up for you here from Warriors for Hire for a small fraction of that.
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    3K for setting up a membership site is ridiculous.

    You may just get someone at here for a few hundred bucks the most to get everything setup to your satisfaction and requirement.

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    It is really a Huge Amount, I think, There is lots of Membership scripts available in Internet Like easymemberpro, etc.
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      I would heartily recommend Membergate.

      I tried an number of software programs before and they simply were not battle-hardened, like MemberGate.

      I'm sure you've heard of Bill Myers. Well he took a whole year off to create this, way back (about the year 2000). He designed it just for his own use, but General Motors heard about it and bought the first copy for a king's ransom. So he decided to sell copies.

      And - because it's been around for so long (unlike virtually every other program I've tried) - you don't get hit on every so often to become an IT engineer and fix bugs in the software.

      So - for the first time - I can get on with putting new stuff on the site and doing all the things you need to do with a membership site, all without wrestling with the software.

      And the best bit is, you can now get it for just $197 a month.

      Check out that's NOT an affiliate link, by the way, because they have a list of actual sites using MG right now.

      Warmest regards,

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    I just sent a pm to you about a new content management script that I will be selling later this year that uses PayPal's Adaptive API to do instant payments on every sale.

    I will do single payments, subscription payments, subscription payments with trial, payment plans, dimesale solution, Kunaki solution and a shopping cart that uses the Adaptive API.

    Does unlimited membership levels and much, much more.

    I'm looking for testimonials so I'm letting people use it for free in exchange for a tesimonial. pm me if you have questions.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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      3K may or may not be a lot. You need to give a lot more details as to what you want to do with the site, what work you are willing to do and what you want the contractor to do.

      Kind of like saying, "i want to build a school, how much will it cost to build?"
      Well, how many classrooms do you need of how big? What types of doors? Do you need a reception desk? Yes? how big? Will you need special cabling for video/IT? are you willing to paint the walls to save some $?

      If you want a DIY membership site on the cheap, wordpress and wishlist or amember work for most sites. (you will also need a domain name, hosting, template, payment processor, mail system, etc...)

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        Hey guys thank you all for the overwhelming responses. I do agree with all of you, I don't think this guy is ready for business like I said before, this is £3000 we are talking about, not even $$$ so we talking roughly $7500?

        I didn't think it was that hard to do, it's just I am pressed for time otherwise I could sit and go through the videos and do it myself like many of you have said, but thought I would outsource to save myself the trouble.

        And yes, MrMonetize I think you got a great point on using Kajabi, do not know them but don't think it's such a brill idea.

        I agree my question was a bit vague for some of you who suggested more info, I just assumed membership sites are the same which obviously is not the case.

        So here it is, all I wanted was a membership site that houses my content, with different membership levels that allows access to free info and a paid option for more advanced content.

        The content will be mainly videos and podcasts.

        Of course I will benefit from some guidance and more thoughts on this since this is my first time to do it.

        Thanks again.
        Coach | Mentor | Consultant | I work with business owners, marketers, experts, or coaches/ and mentors who want to understand new media or digital marketing better
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          You might want to check the exchange rate if you end up hiring anyone to do the work for you. £3000 is currently a lot closer to $4500 than it is to $7500!!

          Home Based Money Makers - Free Home Business Tips Newsletter.

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    The membership software isn't the biggest issue with starting a membership site, it's the MARKETING.

    Most of the software solutions out there will do many of the same things. People think that buying something expensive will solve all their problems and their site will magically become a success.

    I've dealt with hundreds of membership sites and seeing many failures. Most often, it's because they spent too much upfront and didn't do their marketing homework thoroughly.

    A $100,000 Ferrari and a $20,000 Hyundai both get you to the same place but if you don't know how to drive, then you're going nowhere fast!
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    You can build and maintain nice membership site for less than $500. There are many warriors here who are offering their services for cheap. Check Hire section
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    £3000? It's not fair and good. Ignore that guy who offered you that amount. That's a scam.
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