WSO, WarriorPlus, and multiple products

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I'm about to launch a WSO and have a question about WarriorPlus.

This is what I'm trying to do - have a Basic Version and a Premium Version. Both at different price points. To do that ~ I make two separate products...right?

Then have a Basic Version upsale to the Premium Version. Right?

Then in WarriorPlus I have to assign my product to a specific WSO post...can I assign both my Basic and Premium versions to that same post?

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    That's pretty much it.

    Actually you assign one product to a WSO post, then the rest are assigned as
    upsells of the parent product.

    No worries, it's easy to set up. W+ was designed to handle upsells easily.
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      But then how do I list my two price points?

      For example: Basic version is $12 and Premium is $17?

      Is that not two separate products?

      Or if I do it as and "upsell"...
      ----- Basic Version = $12
      -------------- Premium Version = $17

      If someone upgrades...WarriorPlus will know to only charge $5?
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    I see what you mean.

    You can have an upsell page where you sell an upgrade to the premium
    version for $5.

    Or you can sell both versions on the WSO page.

    But you're correct that W+ has no way of discounting an upsell based on
    whether or not someone has purchased the basic product.
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    Yes, you set it up as two different products...

    Then you tie the WSO thread to the "light version" and then you would tie the "premium" version to the "light version" (the light version will be the parent).

    Hope this helps.

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    You have two options:

    1. Sell both versions on the salespage. You will find this is what most people do when they have different versions or license options available. When done correctly having these prices alongside each other can actually be a good thing as it pushes more people to buy the version you want them to buy.

    This is similar to decoy pricing:

    2. Your other option would be to sell the basic version at a lower price point, maybe something more along the lines of $7-$9. You want to make it under the $10 mark as people have price points and budgets in mind that usually cut off on round numbers such as 5 or 10. So make it less than $10 to get as many people into your funnel as possible. Once they have purchased you then present them with an upsell for the premium version and sell that for something like $27 - $37 maybe.

    If you choose option 1 then I would think of another product to have as your upsell so you can add even more profits to your bottom line.

    If you choose option 2 you may want to take more features out of the basic version so you can make it cheaper and put them into the premium version to give it even more added value so you can charge a higher price for it.
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