Random Links showing up on my wp blog?

by kaseyp
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I just installed a new wordpress blog, I created a new page and I noticed random links showing up on my page. The links will change every time I refresh the page.

I tried uninstalling all plugins and the same thing is happening. Anybody know what the problem could be?
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    You either have a crappy theme (free from unreliable sources and full of malicious script) or your computer is infected or your host server is infected. I can't think of anything else.

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      I had something similar happen to me not too long ago. I had something called the Adware virus that added random text links.

      When you hover the mouse over the link does it say anything?
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    Do a search for a free plugin called AdBlock and install it.
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    I had a WordPress site with the same issue about a year ago. I was using a theme that was corrupted. I downloaded from an unsafe source. It was 100% my fault, because I know better.

    I tried just about everything I could think of. Unfortunately I ended up having to wipe the whole site and start over.

    If you find a solution please let us know what worked.

    Good Luck!!!!!
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