Finding JV's for CB product - where/how?

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Hello folks,

I was just wondering what are the best places to find JV's for a product that is not in IM niche. Recently I lurked around the web and found some sites, but mostly they accept only IM products. But where or how to find JV's who deal with mobile niche and so on?

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    You already know about Clickbank, which one of the biggest affiliate market in the world, why not start there?

    Go contact vendors that have similar or compensatory products and ask them to promote your product. Surely it would help to do them a favor first; best way to do it is to promote their product first.

    Check out similar platforms and go talk directly to vendors who deal in the same market and sub-niches.

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    Are you seeking JVs or affiliates?
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      Originally Posted by Bruce Wedding View Post

      Are you seeking JVs or affiliates?
      I'm seeking JV's as well as affiliates. I'm in the apple (iphone) niche.

      To marshall:

      Thanks for the tip.
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    Join your target prospects communities. ex: forums, fanpages, etc. They marketers will stick out eventually

    Mobile isn't a niche, is the whole mobile market is your target?.
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    warriors joint ventures you have to pay a fee

    Go on you skinflint
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      You should consider listing your product in Affiliate Marketplaces such
      as Launchboards | Affiliate Programs Marketplace ยป Marketplace

      One of the biggest pieces of advice to to search Google for some sites that rank for you niche and start the process of networking with those site owners. It can take some time and you want to come from building a relationship approach vs straight up saying "Will You Promote"

      Also, you'll want to make sure that you've got some stats in place. High Level affiliates will want to know the offer is converting.

      All the best
      New Product Launches, Affiliate Marketplace

      Need More Sales? More Affiliates?
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    tonnes of iphone blogs .. some can be seen on
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