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I am just a click away from purchasing an "all-in-one" program to set up everything for an affiliate marketing site but, I want to get as much input as I can from those that have not, or did not, use a program, but built their affiliate site on there own. I would love to hear from successful folks but also, maybe those that didn't "get'er'done and ended up with purchasing a program. Or, the other way around, went with a program and then decided to do it on their own.

I feel I have the knowledge and ability to do this on my own, but a step-by-step leading also sounds very inviting.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone might give here
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    Are you referring to a program like DAP compared to programming your own?

    I'm not quite sure on your question, but I would like to help.
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      I'm sorry if it wasn't clear. The program is a step-by-step affiliate marketing "setup" program? It's SBI but I have read most of the reviews on it so that isn't what I want feedback on. More so, I want to meet folks that have set up AM sites on their own, maybe folks like me that have basic to intermediate knowledge of site building, seo, etc. I know a little about everything to do with AM in other words. SBI would make it simpler but yet paying them every year and for every site, and really, feeling the sites aren't really "all mine"?? Know what I mean? Thank you much for replying and hope to hear from you

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        If you buy something that isn't yours, it means at best you are renting it or testing it for someone else.
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          Yes, that makes perfect sense. Have you built your own affiliate website and had financial success? Maybe you have done both at different times?

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          I know a neat lady that I met in 2009. She is doing very well with SBI. Her sites are awesome (she has a few) and she is paying for each, 299. per year. But she says she makes plenty off her sites to pay that annual fee. I know she is not lying because I know her.

          I suppose it boils down to me trying it on my own, with the knowledge I do have. I do like the idea of being a success with a business that is truly my own and basically owing no one. I understand the costs and the money/equity I will want to keep investing as well as my time. Don't misunderstand though, I have no delusions of grandeur or making a million. I am 60 now and simply want something to do as I grow older, something I can travel and still work at from anywhere there is internet, and supplement my income

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            If you have the time and a bit of knowledge ~ you'll learn far more doing it yourself. There are plenty of people on WF and tutorials out there to help you as well.

            I'd save the money, and figure it out on my own.
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              I think that is what I'm going to do. I really appreciate the responses I've gotten so far. I did write the gal I was going to buy the package from and let her know I am going to wait on it for now.

              Thanks again, denise

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