Where can I find super affiliates?

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Hi everyone.

Hope you guys are racking in some serious cash atm!

To cut story short, I am looking for super affiliates to rack in serious cash for my plugin.

Is there any wise and patient warriors around who can point me to the right direction?

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    Where can I find super affiliates?
    You can find alot of those on Clickbank, but you will need a high price product with plenty of upsells.
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      Originally Posted by Alex Blades View Post

      You can find alot of those on Clickbank, but you will need a high price product with plenty of upsells.

      With a proven track record for delivering good conversion numbers and high EPC's (Earnings Per Click).
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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    It's all about the earnings per click you can offer. They have no
    shortage of products, what's scarce, as you're probably figuring out, are
    affiliates who can drive a ton of traffic.

    Warrior X
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    There are a ton of "super affiliates" lurking here on Warrior Forum. You could make a post in the JV section, and even if you just got one "good" affiliate from it, it'll pay for the post.

    Stop wasting time. Just do it!

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    I also understand that Super Affiliates are not opposed to promoting an inexpensive product which thousands may be interested in purchasing, rather than an expensive product which comparatively few people are likely to buy. My training video, "How to Write & Publish a Book on Amazon.com - Free" is a good example of an inexpensive product which can generate high conversions: How to Write & Publish a Book
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    Originally Posted by solarwarrior View Post

    Hi everyone.

    Hope you guys are racking in some serious cash atm!

    To cut story short, I am looking for super affiliates to rack in serious cash for my plugin.

    Is there any wise and patient warriors around who can point me to the right direction?

    Well, not sure whether I am wise and I am not patient for the most part

    Here is how you get super affiliate:

    1. Find product launches
    2. Locate the leader boards
    3. Note the names on the first 10 or 25 places (or whatever they list)
    4. Contact those guys (or girls)

    Point 1: First starting place would be jvnotifypro.com for IM related stuff. For more places or other niches Google is your best bet.

    Point 4: You can Google the name and find their main web site. Then sign up for their newsletter and once subscribed hit reply... bingo you got the contact.


    If your product is sold via Clickbank you might
    find this post helpful:

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    You're assuming first that they would promote your product. You want to get them to promote you? Get on their product launches and send them some sales and business first

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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    What you can also do is anytime someone buys your product, you can ask them in the back office to join your affiliate program.

    Many very successful vendors work like this.

    Yeah, they just bought the product from you but nothing wrong with trying to get them to join your affiliate program too.

    Just make sure that you give them all the tools that they need to sell your product effectively.
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    Run a wise keyword-search. Try to look for well-known marketers in your niche. Doing so will give you an idea as to who likely are the people behind the network and what they usually do to make their marketing effort worthwhile.

    Join affiliate programs. This is a trial and error scheme though. But the point is, it is for you to find out whether or not these affiliate networks have the ability to not just drive traffic into your site but to secure a good revenue as well. You can withdraw your membership anyway.

    Keep tabs on the owners of the top-ranking articles in your niche in the search engines. Those who have an excellent understanding of affiliate marketing surely make real super affiliates.

    Talk to the people around. Remember, not all great affiliate partners are found on the web. They might be using aliases or so. To make your search simpler, try the word-of-mouth for those people who you have discussed this with have the actual experience.
    Attracting Super Affiliates to Promote Your Offer - Dekh
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    1) Contact some of the super knowledgeable people on this forum (can be deceiving though)

    2) Spy on affiliate programs... figure out who the top earners are for these programs

    3) Create successful students and have them promote your stuff

    4) Hire me for $5,000
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    Make sure that you product works flawlessly, and that your
    sales funnel converts. Once you have those two in place,
    many super affiliates will find you.

    If you have solid conversion stats, I can also point you
    to Facebook groups where you can list your product
    launch free... but you do need a thoroughly tested funnel


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
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    Start kicking ass with sales and they'll find you.
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      If you search the forum you'll find plenty of threads on how to attract the super affiliates.

      Are you "known" in the market? Do you have a reputation already?

      How many products did u already create?

      If this is your first product is going to be tough but not impossible.

      You have 2 options here:

      - BUILD RELATIONSHIP with those guys and it takes time.
      - Jv broker who already has the connections.

      Now, get your product launched with jv partners can be a GREAT way to get your product recognized and be financially REWARDING, but finding the right jv partners is really important.

      Before you even start looking for joint ventures, it’s important to know that the RELATIONSHIP is the most valuable asset of any joint venture especially with the "super affiliates"

      There are too many people that seek out joint ventures with highly successful marketers, but only because they have BIG lists.

      This is not the right approach.

      Remember a golden rule; if you want someone to help you, you have to help him first.

      When approaching the "big names" you have to keep in mind the value proposition, ie what is in it for them. They are running a business and will not waste their time on bad proposals that offer little benefit to them.

      What matters is EPC (earnings per click).

      What are your actual epcs? Do you have the offer READY? Product, sales letter, upsells/downsells setup? Is your offer tested and above all is it converting?

      If not, you are now focusing on the wrong thing.

      Super affiliates are everywhere; clickbetter, clickbank, clicksure, warrior forum, wsopro, jvzoo...

      To get attention and attract em you need to have a high converting offer with a killer sales funnel. Main offer/front end plus 2/3 upsells/otos.

      You'll need to TEST your offer first to check conversions and epcs.

      Make sure you have a decent proposition, high epcs and then approach them professionally.

      What's important is SALES and a list of BUYERS and they might bite.

      If you want to build a profitable joint venture, you must focus on the relationship and value that above all things from the very beginning.

      Anyway, there are many options for joint venture relationships including: email list swaps, link swapping, joint product creation efforts etc..

      There are also great networks to find jvs, one of these is JV Notify PRO.
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    You don't find the super affiliates... I think they find you.

    But, just like fishing; you can use good bait to increase your odds of interaction.

    Baits like:

    1) High EPC Offers listed in prominent marketplaces
    2) Massive "Guru Level" bonuses in your product launches

    Visibility is also a key factor...

    You can have the best Product Launch contest giving away $1,000,000 and 10 gold bricks - but what if the big fancy gurus never see your promotion?

    So make sure that your contests are visible.
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    I guess you asking the wrong question, super affiliate in a different niche than the one you looking for may or may not be able to help you.

    If you really looking to attract super affiliate, you need to provide them a reason to promote you and not thousands of others who probably would :

    1 - pay better
    2 - easier to promote

    I would recommend spending sometime learning about affiliate networks, what network would be a good fit, how to promote your program in and out of the network , and how to actually launch a good program and keep it successful.

    There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate program, where many of them never made a single sale.
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    Affiliates look at EPC and whether your product can actually delivers for them. If your product can sell, affiliates will find you.

    Hope that helps
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