List of Exciting Features on the New Warrior Forum

by freotech 3 replies
I have been looking for an annoucement or a list of new features on Warrior forum.
I could not find one. So, I came up with a list of new features.

1. Avatar - You can now add a picture.

2. Photos - Ability to add photos in the threads

3.Groups- This is another web 2.0 feature

4. WSO - Now your post will appear as soon as you pay.
You don't have to wait for the post to be approved. Just make sure that
your post abide to WSO rules.

Tip : Make sure that you post as soon as you pay, else your WSO will appear
further down.

WSO - Bump feature is no longer working

WSO - no longer randomly inserted in the threads

5. Blogs - This is such a cool feature.

6. Helpdesk - There is now a place where you can ask for help
and their is knowledgebase

7. Forum is now loading much faster

8.Calendar - You can find out of upcoming birthdays of warriors. Dont forget to send
everyone a beer on their birthday.

Am sure there are many more features.
Is there any other cool features that I have missed.

Thanks Allan for making Warrior forum even better !
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    You can imbed videos too!

    The Snitz forum was great while it lasted, but I could tell Allen was constantly patching things together to keep it from coming apart at the seams with the number of members here.

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      Another feature: RSS feeds. No need to pay for WSO alert e-mail services. Heck, there are also individual RSS feeds for the subforums like the WSO forum.

      If you have a decent RSS aggregator that allows you to create "smart feeds" (i.e. flag keywords). So if someone mentions your name, one of your products or URLs, or even your niche your aggregator will alert you and you can jump in and plug your URL.
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        Thanks for the list.

        And yeah - I learned the hard way
        that you need to post your WSO as
        soon as you pay for it... now I know
        next time

        How do you add video to the posts?

        I've been testing and can't quite figure
        it out....
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