I need a kickstart and i need it bad...

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Hey guys,
My story is long so i'll try to make it short and to the point.
I've experienced with IM a few years ago and had some successes.
I did PPC, SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing and much more.
None of my businesses got profitable enough and after a year and a half i decided to get a degree in music so i left my internet business on the back burner.
now, a few years later, i'm working full time as a software tester and i really really want to get back in the game.
All i really need is for someone to point me in the right direction, I'd like to start with PPC since it was the one thing that actually made me some good money.

can anyone point me to a great course or something that will help me get moving?

Fellow warriors helped me a lot in the past, so i'm counting on you guys

thanks a lot
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    It's Sunday, I'm in a sharing mood.

    Just grabbed me a copy of this wso the other day for the price of a cheap pizza. It's straight to the point and should get your creative juices flowing.

    And since you have some IM experience already, you shouldn't have any problems making money with this system right away.

    Here's the link for the wso http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ste-proof.html

    Hopefully this is the type of course you were looking for.

    Good luck

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    I think your biggest mistake was getting a degree in Music...
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    www.qirina.com - FREE Keyword Intelligence to fix your on-site SEO and learn about your neighbors
    Now available in English and French
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    To be honest, I suggest focusing on building list using PPC. That's where the money is at.

    Here is my guide if you want to start making a list.

    Im pretty just talking about the basics.
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    need a course on losing weight in your sig?
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    My suggestion to find your passion first. You can make good money with promoting other people product or make your own. Making your own takes time but gives most return as well as giving you control. Build a sales funnel (optin with freebies, follow up, drive traffic via ppc etc) rinse and repeat.

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    I think solo ads will be a good help your online business.
    PPC is also good but you need to keep it on track while buying some solo ads is very easy and you can directly start promoting your products/services to those leads that you have from solo ads. You can also go to a lot of training on how to be successful in online business.
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    How come your business wasn't profitable after a year? Did you stop sending traffic?
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      Originally Posted by rmolina88 View Post

      How come your business wasn't profitable after a year? Did you stop sending traffic?
      I had an ebook made from some PLR content and i guess it just wasn't good enough...

      and i think doing a little of many things got me a lot of knowledge but no real expertise in one of the things i tried.
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