How to make a PDF download?

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I know that it might not be the best place to post it but I couldn't find anything better.
My question is that I want to make the file to open on a new tab of the browser rathre then download it and open it.
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    I'm not sure if you can control this: download vs. open in page.
    This is determined by the browser the person is using and
    whether they have a plugin to open pdf files.

    But I may be wrong.

    -Ray Edwards
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    In the HTML for the link, add on the following: target="_tab". Traditionally, target="_blank" would be the correct code, but not anymore, as some browsers are now wise to the knowledge that people prefer to open new pages in new tabs rather than new windows. You can still use the latter in Internet Explorer. However, it will come down to the browser preferences of the user as to what actually happens. The former will not work in any version of Internet Explorer, but will work in the following browsers: Opera, Chrome, Flock, Firefox and Maxthon.
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    Bad plan.
    Zip it up and let people to download it (zip files start downloading automatically).

    There is nothing more annoying than a badly formatted, huge, uncontrollable PDF file starting to open in a browser window/tab... :rolleyes:

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