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Curiouis to see if there's a market for it. Thanks for any responses.
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    Originally Posted by mjsca07 View Post

    Curiouis to see if there's a market for it. Thanks for any responses.
    Sounds horrific to me.
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    Yes better to get a freelancer to write a book and list it on Google Books, Amazon Kindle store etc.

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      I've never even heard of such a market, so I'm guessing it either doesn't exist or is very small

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        I would say no to PLR...

        With a lot of work and a strong working knowledge of a specific genre, possibly fiction story outlines as mentioned earlier. An effective solution is to present the outlines in a one from Column A and one from Column B format, which maximizes the differences.

        If you are creative, I'd stick to NF for PLR for short term income, then write and publish your own fiction, as a long term income source.

        Amazon is starting to come down on ghostwritten fiction, (thanks to ghost writers who are selling the same stuff to multiple buyers) so this solution is less and less appealing for writers/publishers
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    I saw a WSO where someone was selling fictional story outlines. they gave a basic outline of characters, setting and plot ideas, but were basically just a framework to build your own story ideas around.

    There may be a market for that. I don't know how the WSO sold.

    The number of fictional stories that are available in the Public Domain is huge and there are lots of sources for stories in the pd.

    "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is a best seller

    'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' author talks about his literary monster mash-up | PopWatch | EW.com

    And that just spawned similar re-makes

    Jane Slayre: Charlotte Bronte, Sherri Browning...Jane Slayre: Charlotte Bronte, Sherri Browning...

    What you could do is take just the basic high level plots of the greek tragedies and Shakespeare and you would have enough fictional plot ideas to last the rest of your life.
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    Fiction PLR? I don't see a point to it.

    Private Label Rights Content
    The characteristics of PLR content are as follows:
    *The content is sold to multiple people
    *The holder of the PLR content and use (edit, add to and change) and profit from the content
    *No attribution needs to be given when using the content

    For information based (non fiction) content, I can see the point of licensing the content under a PLR license. But, I don't see the point of licensing fiction works under a PLR license.

    The Problem of Authorship
    The main problem that I think people would run into with Fiction PLR, is the issue of authorship.

    If information based content doesn't have an author attached to it, it's not such a big deal. But, with fiction works, an author needs to be attached to it. But, no one benefits if multiple people claim to be the author.

    What if each person alters the story slightly? Well, even if everybody alters the story slightly, it's still multiple people, telling (very) similar stories and claiming authorship. If a reader read 2 very similar stories, written by 2 different authors, they'd most likely assume one of them stole the work of the other.

    For the new work to make sense, the new work would need to provide credit to the original work that the new work is based on. This, the reader knows that the work they are reading, is based on some other work.

    There's no advantage to claiming authorship of the fiction work.

    I think works of Fiction is something that is better to write yourself. I can't really see what meaningful advantage Fiction PLR gives the holder.

    The rights you want to sell
    As far as Private Label Rights goes, I don't think it's the appropriate license. If there are specific rights that you want to sell, then maybe sell those rights.

    Instead of thinking about whether there's a market for Fiction PLR, think about the rights that you want to sell.

    What rights to the fiction work are you planning on selling?

    Is there are market? Do people want to buy those rights to works of fiction?
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    I think if you could create some fictional short pieces as templates that could be used for sales pages - effective story telling that shows empathy or simply as an example that someone could tailor for product promotion - you might generate some interest in that for people who want to give a real-world example of some problem or success by storytelling in their copywriting, but they don't know how to write a good story.
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    In the past, I sold erotica PLR (short story packs) to adult webmasters to place on their sites, related to their niche. It was something I did ancillary to adult copywriting and I can tell you that it isn't any way to start making quick cash or lots of cash. Not a viable market for the long term or any major income.

    ~ Jessie Haynes
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