Review needed For My Blog For Adsense

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Every time when I sign up for adsense it send me email that Your site doesn't compile with adsense policy.

Please tell me the problem with my site
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    Maybe because you are telling people how to exploit their search engine?
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      How you can say that?
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        Originally Posted by bloggermalik View Post

        How you can say that?
        Very easily because that is exactly what a few articles on your site talk about... Do you think google like people talking about keyword density? No, you shouldn't care about keyword density in their eyes, they want content FOR USERS. Lets not go into the fact that it has poor english, the article lengths are not very long and filled with various pieces of miss information.
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    The blog look pretty decent to me.

    When did you last send for Adsense approval?

    There should be at least 30 days in between each application.

    Beside this, are your articles original? If not, try to add a post every 2-3 days.
    Do not post too often.

    Beside this, how are your backlinks quality?

    My advice: since your site is blacklisted, try to create another blog with great quality.
    You might have a better chance of getting your account approval.
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      I think there is 5-10 days time interval between each application.

      Ofcourse my articles are 100% genuine written by me. I have some quality backlinks, my blog secured 2 PR.

      I thought that my domain is new that's why Adsense is not approving my account.
      Before I was on sub domain but on Nov 15 2012, I purchased custom domain.
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        I heard someone say blacklisted? Your blog looks fine the landing page is pretty standard but I'm going to assume your traffic is from Google so people are landing on specific pages instead of the homepage.

        If you have just freshly started this blog and the domain name itself has been blacklisted I would be very happy that you've noticed this well before and move on to make another website on a different domain.

        You did not give any details in specific so I assumed a bunch of things with my answer apologies if it is inaccurate.
        Stay Humble
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    I think a good blog should consist of helpful information and then it will add value to the reader. After I see your blog, it shouldn't have problem with getting adsense approval. But it is really weird that you tell people how to get adsense if yourself can't get one. There are some ways to scale up your blog but it is not a guaranteed method. Have you tried increasing the amount of words in your post, there is only 400 words in there, try 600 instead.
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    It looks like its been made for adsense in my opinion....
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    Nice blog but somehow it has written made for adsense written over it. This blue theme is also a high CTR ( supposedly ) adsense theme if i remember correctly. Best of luck.
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    How To Modify FeedBurner Official Widget

    ^^ Your title. Who cares? Modify it for what purpose? What's the benefit of modifying it? Whatever it is, get that benefit up there in the title. Otherwise, people are going to shrug and click away.

    Another thing. Your article doesn't flow smoothly. I suspect English isn't your first language. The writing's not bad but you should consider getting someone to proofread it for you. Good luck.
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    Have you asked Google why? They would know.
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      It may be the content but I noted something else confusing.

      The whois data lists domain registration as November 2012 - but the blog has posts dated in 2011.

      You might try again in mid-summer in case it is the apparent site age (google requires 6 months online for some sites) that is the problem.
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