Video Marketing For List Building?

by opalfx
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I just recently got into affiliate marketing again. 14 days in and im at $95 in commission. I know that I'd have more luck if I had a list.

Can anyone recommend a current (late 2012 to present) list building course that uses youtube videos that link to maybe a video squeeze page or website?\thx
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    Don't think you need a course for that, just make the YouTube videos and link them to your squeeze page, and you know the rest.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    Video marketing is now in trend it's really profitable.
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    Video marketing is pretty simple.
    1. Research keywords
    2. Create good content videos
    3. SEO your keywords in the title, description, tags
    4. Include your squeeze page URL (very important)
    5. Repeat step 1 to 4 again

    PM me if you need more information.
    I am pretty good with video marketing.
    Hope to help you with this.

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    best way is offer something really compelling and targeted ... eg cooking videos ... link to squeeze with downloadable recipes ... video marketing course to squeeze offering free music to download
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    I think it is pretty simple to build a list using youtube video. The content of the video is the one that is not simple. you can create a special youtube account for your business. make a good video about your product, for example, observing the video of your competitor, make your own product review video, or maybe making "life hack" videos which is quite popular these days. and of course add your squeeze page in the video description.
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    you would be far better off using external annotations from actually within your youtube video itself and then link it to either a blog of yours or to your squeeze page

    you can link to a squeeze page you just need to link your squeeze page with google webmaster etc so you can prove it's your page

    using the external annotation method you will generate tonnes more extra traffic if you're going to be using youtube quite a lot

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      Maybe a WSO about ranking videos on google would help you archieve better results, of course you need good content to draw visitors to your squeeze page.
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    based on the latest common sense thinking, I think building a list with YouTube video is no different with squeeze page. the only different is the limitation, as we know youtube user is someone who have interest with video clip. You can maximize this by making a very good video that actually add value to people's life, such as "how to do things", "advice of doing thinks". People love that nowadays.
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      You can embed an email marketing client into your video with . People click on the subscribe button and a contact form shows up within the video. Try it out on their home page just to get the idea
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    Wow $95 in 14 days that's fast how you do it?
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    You can buy YouTube Adwords at $.05 to $10 per view to really crank up volume. I do this for one campaign and it works really well. YT Adwords is really cheap still and it pumps up view volume fast.
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    YT video linking to video squeeze page works well. As Paul said a direct link from inside an annotation on the video will have best results, you'll need to set it up with Google webmaster first though which is confusing if you've never done it before.
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    Youtube traffic buys. It's worth it.
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    youtube is cracking down on WSO type spam videos. - Thankyou WSO writers :-)

    But do not let that deter you, if you do small little 5 - 10 min videos, well informative and do your SEO and keywords properly and target it to the right people and get backlinks, you can do very well with youtube.
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    YouTube is great for traffic.

    And if Paul Nicholls recommends it, then do it !
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    Search the Keyword tool and come up with good keywords related to you free offer with decent searches. Look at the competition for those keywords in yahoo and Google too, if you want to rank in their search results.

    Create good videos that give away a tip or two, so people don't think they came to your video for nothing (a lot of video marketers make that mistake, no one wants to see a video that was created for the sole purpose of promoting something, they want something useful on it too).

    Then, at the end of the video, mention your squeeze page link and what they can get from the free offer (benefits), and also mention it in the first line of your description.

    Give relevant tags for your video. Tags, title and description are very important and try to make them as targeted to your keyword as possible.

    Now, build link to your videos via the usual mediums (social bookmarking, social media etc).

    Repeat the same with different videos providing different tips for the other keywords you selected. That should get you some results.
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