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I have been around on this forum for quite a while now and had limited successes as a "Bum marketer" .. Now it is time for me to get serious and try to earn some real income in order to subsidize my upcoming retirement.

I have in the past tried adwords following a so called Guru's advice and subsequently had my account shut down by google appeal allowed... but thats another story, so i guess I am left with the options of Bing/yahoo and facebook.

I do understand that it depends largely on my keywords etc, but any advice on setting a realistic budget for a months campaign would be very helpful.

Many thanks.

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    It depends on your goals.

    I have a few $100/mo campaigns set up. I have $5 a day 5 days a week and it just sends a nice little trickle to my sites.

    I have spent up to $50 a day for up to 5 days to grow my list quickly.

    So it just depends. I personally like the "trickle" effect because it gives me more time to see patterns and adjust.
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    Check out sitescout media buys. $500 minimum deposit but that should be enough to get a campaign profitable if you take things slow and do your homework on demographics and what offers to market

    Never pay for "guru" advice, its not as hard as people will have you think!

    Good luck
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      Originally Posted by trafficmasters View Post

      Never pay for "guru" advice, its not as hard as people will have you think!

      Good luck
      It is not as hard, but is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get input. Paying to learn some lessons before you have to learn them first hand is always a bonus. There are some people who are ready to spend money on guidance and then take the necessary action to make it happen. Then there are people who will pay for it, do nothing with, it and then call these people scamming douches.

      It all depends on your journey and where you are.
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    No one ill be able to give you a realistic budget for this type of en devour, as they will not be the ones doing the writing of your text. You will see results the second that you can drive people to take action on about 5 words or less. Trail and error will teach you.

    Just use common sense. Find a number that you are comfortable losing a day for a couple days. Now if you are doing this to drive traffic to a squeeze page then I would suggest that you have a nice deep funnel running so that you can recoup your advertising costs.
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