What WP lead gen theme to get ?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an advice on what lead generation theme for WordPress I should get.

My client has a debt collection and mortgage industry website and we want a theme that has the ability to change/add fields to the form (name, address, phone etc).

Also, it's extremely important for the theme to be able to follow the AdWords guidelines because the website will be promoted mainly with AdWords. In other words, the ability to add a few pages and posts without totally messing up the look and feel of the website.

Also, an uncoded footer, header etc and without a 3rd party linked licensed theme would be nice. I'm not keen on ending up with a theme that doesn't work if the owner decides to sell his website or close his license server.

Thanks for taking time to read the thread and post your thoughts and suggestions.

Have a good one!
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