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Hi guy's

I would like to create a wp website and sell a product but build it in a way so affiliates can signup as a reseller and sell it for 100% commisions.

What software do I need to create this resell structure?

Something like magnetic sponsering or empower network.

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    You want to create a product like empower network and you don't know the way to do it. I think that you probably need to do a little more due dilligence. I'm not being funny here - my background is in software design and development, and you need to have a lot more than an idea.

    If you're creating a network marketing site, I'm not really sure how you'd do it. If that's what you're meaning? Here's a link that talks about softwares, and has a couple of links to them, maybe that will help (by the way, I have no idea whether these are good or not!) - Multilevel Marketing Software - Learn How to Start a MLM Network Marketing System

    If the affiliate is in it for 100% commission, then I guess it might not be network marketing, in which case you could probably create a membership site, and ask if you can hook into the API at clickbank, JVZoo or somewhere similar, so you don't have to manage that nightmare yourself.

    If you are network marketing, then the commission is going to have to be manipulated so that uplines get an override from your sales.

    Martin Platt

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      Jvzoo is the best i kno. you can offer 100% commissions and instant affiliate commissions. Setting up an reseller program might be alittle more difficult to setup but you can probley find somthing on google
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      Hi MartinPlatt,

      Thanks for the info. I think I am looking for the most difficult way haha. My intension was to have an system where people signup and have have their own landingpage with aff link, sell the product and receive the 100% commission.

      Could be for MLM or any other niche.
      A much simpler way is to let people signup as an affiliate and then give hem the commission.

      But are the type of systems like empower network and let;s say magnatic sponsering MLM network software?

      Thanks for the reply
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      Thnaks guy's for you comment
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        I say just let affiliates sign up and go to your squeeze page so you can keep updating your squeeze page for better conversions.
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    WarriorPlus and/ or ClickBank is probably what you're looking for.
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    Are you trying to do the same thing as empower network or what? Just asking!
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    I already do that, only I charge a membership fee to get the 100% commissions.

    I have my own software that I created that will do the following...

    1. It has over 600 websites

    2. It automatically brands the sales letter with the Affiliate/Member's name

    3. The member can control the price of each product with a click of their mouse. So each Affiliate/Member could be selling the same product at a different price.

    4. With a click of the mouse a sales letter can be changed into an OTO and the Affiliate/Member has control over the 'No Thanks' message at the bottom of the sales letter and the redirect. So the visitor can be sent to a downsell or a free offer to build a list or an affiliate product some where else.

    5. It has squeeze pages that the Affiliate/Member can connect their autoresponder to and build their list and redirect any where they want. The free reports that the subscriber downloads is automatically branded with the member's name and affiliate links.

    6. Paying member receive 100% of the profit paid directly into their PayPal account and only paying members can make price changes.

    7. Most of the products come with some kind of resell rights.

    8. Paying members can download most of the products for free. There are a few products that can't be given away in a paid membership site, so I charge $1 to download them.

    So the Affiliate/Members could build a complete product funnel if desired and control the prices.

    I'm able to do this without a blog platform.
    I will be launching a similar site later this month that already has complete product funnels with Squeeze Page, Main Product, Upsell Product and Downsell Product. It will also have many tools members can use to promote their sales funnels.

    I believe you can use your business plan to do more than just build a list of affiliates. Just use your imagination to expand your business model.

    If you have any questions, just pm me and I will try to help you out.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    A simple way to do it would be with the RAP program. (Rapid action profits by Sid Hale.) It's a one time payment of about $175, use it for as many products as you want. I haven't used it as a vendor, but it gave me my first big break as an affiliate, and that was 100% commission.

    You don't hear a lot about it but every time it has been mentioned here that I know of, the feedback has been very positive.

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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