My videos are not playing audio on mobile devices- HELP

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It's not all my videos but the video on my home page doesn't (plays find on PC's or Macs) Looking for more virtual assistant information?

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Here's what the tech at EZS3 said but I don't even understand what he's saying.

Sorry, I only viewed your intro originally, I did not notice you specified a portion of your video that did not have sound. I pulled the video back up and I am not getting any sound during the blue screen background portions of your video on Android (GS3) or iOS (iPhone 5). Desktop playback is fine.

It might be a codec issue or encoding settings. I am not seeing a waveform on your file during those sections, see the image below. I also only receive mono playback during those portions.

I am not entirely sure what the issue is, but you should demux the audio and transcode to as an uncompressed wav file, then transcode back to AAC and remux it back into the video. If that is too complicated, try going back to your video editor and applying an effect to all of the audio in the project. Export back out to have the audio be a single stream before you run it through Handbrake. If you have the ability, check the waveform after you export, it should be visible.
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