Is It Just Me Or Did Godaddy Eliminate Their Coupon Codes?

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I still receive them via e-mail per say, but when I go to enter them and actually put them to use toward saving money on a purchase/renewal of a domain I can't find the place to enter them with the new layout. And often find myself being ushered into the check out area with no opportunity to save any money.
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    There is a place to enter the promo code on the checkout screen. It says do you have promo, source code or referral code? click here. It seems like they are not bringing big attention to it.
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      I did notice it it's not as eye catching as it was with the old layout. And another thing I noticed is with some codes it actually cost more to use them than to not for whatever reason. It's sort of like they are continuing the program but discouraging or attempting to discourage people from utilizing it.
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        Yes, it's almost like they've hidden it in plain site.

        if you look to the left of the final price about cenetr screen. You will see piece of blue text saying Click here to add promo code (or some words very similar).

        Took me while to find it when they first changed the layout.
        Definitely designed to cut down on the use of coupons but I guess they don't want to stop people being sent to page by coupon sites and affiliates.
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    I just bought a new .com about 2 weeks ago on GoDaddy for only $3.99 for the first year. No issues with the coupon.

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    They simply changed the layout again. The promo code box is still there.
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    Just did a renewal with them a few days ago. No problem with it taking the discount code. I believe I saved a third or more. I like GoDaddy, even though I know some don't.
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    They definitely seem to be trying to discourage the use of discount codes. I entered one and noticed that the total was higher than it was prior to my entering it. As pointed out previously the place to enter the code isn't as noticeable as it's been in the past. It seems almost pointless to enter codes if they could result in a higher purchase price.
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    I just used a 30% off coupon on some renewals and everything worked fine. But it is a small textbox in the very beginning of the process, if you missed it, you won't see it again, not even on the payment page, where logic will indicate is the best place. Love hate relatioship with GD, mostly because their Private Registration is too expensive, almost as costly as a domain.
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    Godaddy still uses coupon codes as far as I know.

    Please visit for A Small Orange Coupons.
    Please visit for Hostnine Coupons.
    Please visit for Hostgator Coupons.

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    Thank you for your feedback on our cart. We still accept discount codes. It is located in the cart in text below the line items, "Have a promotional code? Enter it here" Support can also enter in codes for you. The code you tried may not have been valid still or capable with your purchase items, without seeing the cart itself I couldn't say. Thanks for your concern and choosing Go Daddy! ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media team
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    Coupon codes are good, but I always google search "Cheap Domain Names" or "Cheap Web Hosting" Godaddy almost always runs a PPC ad and it's been lately like "99 cent dot coms" or "$1 a month web hosting". It's usually way better than the 30% off coupon codes.
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    I would say that the vast majority of domains that I own (all through GoDaddy) were bought for 99ยข.

    Also, I've had nothing but good experiences with GoDaddy for my domains.

    I provide consulting for companies that use Adobe can check out what I've done so far.

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