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I am trying to build a relationship with my list, a small one seeing that I am just starting out

When I send broadcasts, the open rate is only around 3% how can I make that higher?

How can I build a good relation with my subscrubers?

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    Originally Posted by FarisYagh View Post

    When I send broadcasts, the open rate is only around 3% how can I make that higher?

    How can I build a good relation with my subscrubers?
    Open-rates typically depend on things you've done immediately before, while and immediately after people opt in.

    To summarise briefly: it's all about three things: (i) your continuity process; (ii) what you offer and supply in exchange for their email addresses; (iii) your subscribers' expectations and how you set and fulfil/exceed those.

    Here are three posts/threads which may help you ... (the 6 little "bullet-points")

    I suggest that you have a read of those three before people start telling you (as they may :rolleyes: ) that "your subject lines are the problem, here". They probably aren't much of the problem at all, by the way: for the most part, your open-rate has been determined well before you get as far as "subject lines"!
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    It's about the subject - what subject do you use? It needs to be attention grabbing, different from the others, and speaking to your subscribers wants and needs, oh, and create a bit of curiousity, to open up and see what the e-mail is about.

    If people already know who you are, and that you give good information in your e-mails, they will open them, so you should be delivering value in your e-mails.
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    You need to build a relationship with your sub before they opt in so they know who you are and why they should bother to open your emails. You need to write compelling headlines that makes them want to open. The content needs to be relevant so that if they read one email from you they want to read another.
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    It is best you use double optin for your list so that only those who are really interested in your topics will get into your list and read your emails. This will greatly increase your open rate.
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    Build a relationship and provide value added services to your subscribers and your open rate will go up. Don't expect it to be too high from day one if you already have a list. If you are building a new list, focus on how you capture them, what you provide them to capture their contact info and what you do afterwards. If your subscribers see no value from your freebie or your follow up emails, you will not get the best open-rate over time. Be yourself and give it all you got. You will have the best followership.
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    Here is what I do to get my email messages read by more people. When I send out an email, I follow up with 2 more email messages that were almost the same as the first email except for the subject line, which is different.

    Because of all the filters, inconvenient timing and mass deletions your first email may have never been seen. But sending out the 2nd email the following day and the 3rd email the day after that almost always receive more opens than the first email message.

    I hope this has helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Definitely over-deliver on everything you send them, but this is especially important in the beginning with the first material you send them. If they don't think, either consciously or subconsciously, that you've given them value, they're far less likely to open subsequent mailings.

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    That sounds about right.
    With all the emails from lists people get every day you would need to provide something extra special for them to open it.
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    create better subject lines for a start

    everything starts with your subject line

    forget about using hypy subject lines if you're in the IM niche, personal or entertaining, funny, bizzare, strange and curious subject lines have always worked best for me

    and yes it does help if you have a half decent relationship with your list otherwise they will not have any interest in opening your emails

    a couple of good subject lines that i have used which worked very well were

    This is a Knockout Punch

    I think they Love me

    they are just 2 examples of hundreds more which i have used but i think you get the point

    if you are in any other niche then the same principles still apply

    just try to be different and be a bit entertaining and make your subject lines curious and people will want to read more :-)

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    Did you make sure to make an immediate contact after your subscribers joined your list
    In many cases, subscribers forget about who you are if you take too long to get back to them.

    Out of sight out of mind
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    Even if your list only first knew you the second they opted in, and even if the relationship between you and your list is not up to par (yet), your rate should be at least double, even from the get-go.

    I’m figuring the subject line might be the problem? What subject lines are you using?

    How did they get on your list and what traffic source?
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      I think if you have to rely on a subject line to get your email opened, you haven't built a strong enough relationship with your subscribers.

      It's like you have to put your foot in the door to speak to someone, when your aim should be to have them opening the door as you're walking up the path.

      If your name isn't good enough on its own, you've got some more relationship building to attend to.


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    Check out micro-segmentation.

    By dividing your list into segments of one based on each contact's actual expressions of interest then sending campaigns that are specifically tailored to each contact are another way of pushing up response.

    Instead of trying to "grab attention" with a scatter-gun approach, you're sending each contact exactly what they're asking for, right at the time they're showing (and expressing) real interest.

    And, of course, if you're clever about it, you can, at the same time, move them into highly targeted follow-up sequences based on those expressions of interest, filling your funnels with the hottest of prospects.



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    You said that you have a 3% open rate. Are they the same people that are opening the letters? How many people is 3%? If 3% is only a small amount, it may not be an amount that can give you a real picture of what is going on with your subscribers.
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    This is so cool...truly classy. How long have your subscribers been with you?
    Fab Shows How to Keep Email Marketing Classy
    Do you furnish what they expected on their sign up. Some household Guru, changed from IM to 'motivational' emails. I unsubscribed...

    What % of emails are information vs selling something?

    I read a lot of my emails through the preview pain. Does any one have statistics on this?
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    Yep, it's very true that asking your contact what they want so you can provide it is a very, very good way of upping your response rate.

    But, of course, you do need a way to deliver this highly targeted content on a contact-by-contact basis, otherwise it's pointless asking.

    Micro-segmentation is the name that seems to have been coined for it and (shameless plug follows), we have embraced it in arpReach, hook, line and sinker.



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    I find that curiosity is the best way to get people to open an email. Try to fashion your subject line so the reader can't resist. Also, offer some free gifts (not junk) occasionally.
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