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Let's say I gave you an excel file with a list of sites I want you to use to get backlinks to my money site.
Some of the backlinks from the excel file are already pointing to different pages on my site.
What would be some tools that can easily filter out the links that are already pointing? This way I can focus on backlinks not yet built to my money site?

Thanks for all feedback.
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    I use this to see whats going on with my backlinks, it should work in this situation..
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    +1 to insypder. But if you have money go with sep spyglass. Their own database makes a huge differenece in reoprts. Upto 200-300 backlinks can be seen per campaign.
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    i used this
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    Href is good, but for fresh links you can use scrapebox free tool "link checker". But this tool is also not perrect , if you are checking profile links, then some links are under php code in about me, which this tool can not check
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