Best Free Video Hosting?

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Hey guys, i want to setup a video for my landing page, i notice alot of people arent using youtube for this, what would be the best free video hosting to use?

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    You can use youtube, I've seen it done and it is actually a great way to drop a link and push traffic back to your site.

    I think some people have ditched the idea as youtube can strip your video a bit.

    I think Josh Anderson? has something coming out on how to get a clear picture, but have been waiting on more information.

    That being said, Viddler seems to give some very clear video results.

    You can also get a video player and just host it yourself.

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    thanks I'll take a look
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    For traffic, youtube. For a clean video on your landing page with no ads etc. I use viddler.

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      I like Viddler for really crisp, high-quality picture. However, I used You Tube last night for my new sales page and they are getting better all the time (esp now that you can opt to not have related videos show up at the end).

      Here's my latest You Tube embeds.
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        Edit - figured it out.
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          If you are doing promo videos and uploading to YouTube, make sure you save the original files.


          Youtube has been on a spree deleting accounts that are used for promotional purposes. In case that happens to you, it's always good to have the original files of your vids to upload to another service.
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    I like viddler, but you can also use Oovoo, or the link in my signature. It's free and the templates have Opt-in forms in the various templates (family, business, travel, etc.) Great quality.

    Good Luck!

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    YouTube is and has always been the best for free hosting of videos that are 10 minutes or less.

    Most people just do not know how to optimize the image quality for upload to youtube and the best practices for embedding a youtube video on their site... the key is not to use their standard embedding code and settings and instead embed the video at the actual dimensions that YT encodes the video at also you can improve the quality by embedding HQ instead of standard.
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    Anyone using amazon s3 or cloudfront?
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    Hey guys.

    What would be the best way to embed a video for a pre-launch that looks professional, something like Mass Control 2.0

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      Its just so easy doing it with you tube, especially with HD available now.

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      Originally Posted by CPA View Post

      Hey guys.

      What would be the best way to embed a video for a pre-launch that looks professional, something like Mass Control 2.0

      Check out our good friend, Todd Gross. He does pre-sale videos and good at talking.

      For hosting a video, Youtube for the mass and Viddler.
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    I'm underwhelmed by YouTube as a host. I use them sometimes
    but at times their servers are clearly loaded and my viewers
    are suffering from stuttering videos as a result.

    "Stutter" doesn't accurately describe what a stopping and
    starting video does - but it IS annoying. "Choppy" is maybe
    a better word.

    I stutter a bit when I speak I don't need stop/start videos
    exacerbating the issue.

    I've played with a number of the free video host and I recall
    liking GoFish and recently Viddler seems to be pretty good at
    delivering stable streaming video.

    I've moved to self-hosting for my direct-response videos -
    I get more control of compression and streaming functions
    this way and the user experience for people on slower connections
    is superior.
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      For promotional purposes, use YouTube.

      But, to host a video on your own site, especially a landing page, use a paid service or host it yourself if your website/host is capable. All the free services (that I know of) are free because they place ads in the video. You don't want to lose someone who has landed on your page to an advertiser, possibly a competitor.

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    thanks all im checking them out now!
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    Best choice will be YouTube as now you can upload using HD (High Definition) video. Simply buy a HD video camera that comes with the instant 10 minutes uploading to YouTube.
    Except that you will never want to use an embedded HD video on your site since it is 2000kbps and will cause buffering and loading issues for major portions of viewers depending on their connection speed.
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    I host my own videos on my site, with all the videos having their own flash players. It is working great for me as you can see from the free site below.

    I have started to look into amazon s3 at the moment and the costs of their hosting is so small. There is some really great kit from Mike Stewart called a video landing page creator and it creates the video, the page(which you can modify and add html, optins etc) and uploads to your ftp. He has also released the amazon s3 media player which is pretty funky.

    One thing i would say is that if you are getting a lot of traffic to your site and you want it to look half way professional, dont use you tube. A friend of mine uses google video, and I have some there too, so that might be an option.

    Hope this helps

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