How much should I price my fiction ebook?

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I have written a fiction novel and it is looking great till now. It is 250 pages long. I want to publish it with KDP and I am confused on the pricing. I want to know the best price for an average fiction ebook with that much pages. Please reply if you have experience in this field.

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    I have two books that are somewhat similar, but not the same. The first was priced at $2.99 with the 70% royalty from amazon. The second was priced at 99 cents with a 35% royalty from amazon. Well, the 99 cent book has had thousands of downloads and now has many reviews. The $2.99 book has zero downloads and zero reviews. I will let you figure out which book has made me more money.
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    I recommend $2.99 with a 70% royalty.

    you can charge more, up to say $9.99 if you have a following...but just starting out, I'd go low.
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      I think it depends on the genre.

      In some genres, $2.99 is considered fairly normal, and you'll get 70% of that.

      If it's "general fiction", "crime fiction", "mystery" or a number of other genres, you may earn far more by getting 35% of $0.99 because of the hugely higher number of sales you may get that way (exactly as Seobro describes above).

      In other words, don't assume that 70% of $2.99 is necessarily going to work out better, just because it's more money.

      The long comments-conversation following this guest blog post may interest you: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by John Locke
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    EDIT to add: My first recommendation is to price it high ($2.99+) at the beginning and bring it down to 99 cents if you're not happy with the results. That is, if you believe there's nothing to lose by pricing it high at this starting point (you may be pleasantly surprised, after all.)

    If you don't see many sales (or no sales at all), it could be due to a lack of 'presence.'

    That being said, you will likely have much more success if you have a bit of a following. If you plan to contact bloggers, form a relationship with them and try to get your book featured/reviewed, by all means price it between $2.99 and $9.99. This, combined with a good copy and image cover, helps create presence.

    If you price it at $2.99 from the start even without a following (as I initially suggested), do it only for experimental purposes (again, because you may be pleasantly surprised.)

    Personally, I've been experiencing many more sales (and more money) from 99 cent books. That being said, success is very subjective. So *IF* you happen to experience the same success at 99 cents, your book's ranking will improve and you could even receive a review or two over time.

    Once that happens, raise the price again and see how it goes.

    Aside from all this, it also depends on genre (as Alexa suggested). At the end of the day, there's a lot of factors involved and you may need to play and experiment a bit before you're finally happy with the results.
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      I would start at .99 when it is first published. At this price point it is an easy buy for you to promote to a list you may have, forums etc. And you may be able to get people to buy and review it. Then raise the price to 2.99 for the higher commission. If it does not do well you can always go back down.

      Eventually, you will want to have a series of fiction books so each one sells the other. At that point you may want to keep one book priced at .99 to introduce people to the series which should encourage them to buy others if they like it.

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    The price will depend on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're unknown with no reviews, $.99 might be what you want to do at first.

    If you haven't looked into marketing and promo yet pick up these two books. The first makes a good case for selling cheap. The second takes more of a market approach to pricing.

    When I got started (not so long ago) I went with a lower price ($.99). I'm actually doing better at $2.99. A lot better. But I've learned a lot. I have some reviews now (all legit) and I've followed a lot of the advice of Michael Alvear (below), which has made a major difference in getting noticed on Amazon.

    How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! by John Locke

    Make A Killing On Kindle (Without Blogging, Facebook Or Twitter) Michael Alvear.
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    Thanks for your replies. It is a paranormal fiction.

    I think that pricing my book for $0.99 may decrease its credibility so I think I should start with $2.99 and if things go against my plans I might change it to $0.99.

    What are good methods of marketing ebooks like mine?
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      Originally Posted by Silentkiller1 View Post

      Thanks for your replies. It is a paranormal fiction.

      I think that pricing my book for $0.99 may decrease its credibility so I think I should start with $2.99 and if things go against my plans I might change it to $0.99.

      What are good methods of marketing ebooks like mine?
      Does your book have any romance involved? I have a short romance/erotica list (about 120 people) and could pitch it to them, see if they like it. Of course, no actual results guaranteed....
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        Originally Posted by Diablo2 View Post

        Does your book have any romance involved? I have a short romance/erotica list (about 120 people) and could pitch it to them, see if they like it. Of course, no actual results guaranteed....
        Thanks for your nice offer but unfortunately it don't have any romance or erotica.
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    $2.99 with 70% is the Best Option for Fiction Novel.
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    A couple of things...You always want to price test different amounts for the first few months. Also, the 70% royalty is not always the best deal, it depends on your book file size and other factors.

    You can use our Kindle Royalty Calculator here.
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      If you're going to do KDP Select where you offer your book free for a couple days, start it at $2.99. People are more likely to download it on the free days if they think the value is $2.99 compared to 99-cents.

      Once the free days are over, you can reduce your price to 99-cents.
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        I canĀ“t tell you what you should do. But I can tell you what I did... not great success(yet), but something.

        I started with the book at .99, and only a couple of friends bought it. Before using the free days, I raised the price to 2.99. It lead to 919 downloads.

        I think that a higher price pushed more people to download. In another book priced at 99 cents (non fiction), there were 400 and something downloads, and that one is selling.

        After the free days it started moving, but now it stopped again.

        The only thing I can tell you is: (with the exception of erotica) fiction needs A LOT of branding. Be patient.
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          This is a very useful article for someone in your predicament: Shocking Secret About Ebook Prices That'll Help You Price Your Ebook
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            Here is a different spin on pricing. I read everything DWS writes, carefully... then I evaluate and decide for myself. I am using a variation of his pricing with my fiction.

            The New World of Publishing: Pricing 2013 |

            Having said all that... before you publish, make sure it is the best book you are capable of producing. Have a professional quality cover, make sure that the book is well-edited and well formatted. Ideally have the plot and your writing also vetted. Take the time to write a GOOD product description. Sadly, I am seeing many WF fiction writers slam up a lame sentence or two for their stories in their product descriptions.

            Really, guys?

            Then, do yourself a favor and write at leas two more books aimed at the same readership...

            Here is an author who started as an Indie and now has a hybrid model: Legacy pubbing + Indie pubbing. She is a NWT Bestselling author. She is also an incredible business woman/marketer.

            From July 2012 until this interview in Nov 2012, she was selling more that 100,000 BOOKS per month... and most of hers are priced at $4.99. Feel free to to the math! LOLOL

            SPP 032 – How to Sell a Metric Crap-Ton of Books, with CJ Lyons

            Here is her formula for success:

            Sorry to be a tease, but the magic formula actually just underscores the fact that there is no magic bullet. CJ's formula is 1) write great books, 2) give it time to find an audience, 3) encourage that audience to tell their friends, and 4) repeat. Not easy... but simple.

            Invest the time to listen/watch. There are some incredible gems... Especially the second point in her formula.

            Best of luck on your fiction journey.
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    If you are intending for Kindle then go for $2.99
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    First of all, ask yourself how much your time is worth. If you believe that your novel is extremely good, put a high price tag on it. Also, check out other prices on novels that are selling a great deal and average them out. You could also start out at a price and lower it in the future if there are no sales.
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    I'd go for $2,99! That's a fairly common and average price! You can try lower but I'd start with this price first! Nothing above though for the first publication!

    Good luck

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    Thanks for all your valuable answers. I will update when it gets launched and ofcourse free copies for you guys.
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